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The Pros and Cons of Wall to Wall Carpeting

egtrgrtThe main options most people consider for flooring are wood, tile, concrete and carpet. When someone chooses to floor for their home, it tends to be an all or nothing decision. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the wall to wall carpeting. We’ll also compare the different flooring options to each other so you can determine which is best for your family.

The Pros of Wall to Wall Carpeting

Wall to wall carpeting naturally absorbs noise throughout your home that would echo off tile and wood floors. You won’t hear the metallic echo of every wheel rolled on the floor or every click of someone’s hard shoes as they walk across carpeted floors.

Carpets are much more comfortable to stand on for prolonged periods of time compared to anything except ergonomic mats. This is why businesses with tile floors frequently install carpets where their employees stand by the counter or register all day.

Carpets are natural insulators, keeping your home warm in the winter. This is why radiant heat systems are almost entirely used under wood or tile floors.

Carpeting costs less than most other flooring types. This explains why new home builders so often install wall to wall carpeting in the first place.

Replacing carpet when you get tired of the look or it wears down is relatively cheap. Conversely, if one particular spot has been ripped up, it is more difficult to replace that one spot than it is to rip out a cracked tile and replace it with another or replace a section of wood flooring.

It is much more difficult to slip on carpet than tile or wood floors. This makes it a good choice for homes with young children or elderly adults. And if you do fall, the impact is lessened by the carpet and its padding. This is why Mom is more likely to break her hip falling in the bathroom than the bedroom.

Carpet comes in a wide variety of materials, patterns, and styles. If you want ultra-soft silk carpets, thick and comfortable to walk on wool carpets or minimal nylon carpets, you have those options. Consult with a carpetcompany if you want to know which type of carpet meets your needs and desired style.

The Cons of Wall to Wall Carpeting

It is typically more work to vacuum carpets than quickly sweep up crumbs. Even more, the effort is expended vacuuming up pet hair versus sweeping it up. There is a tradeoff between the ease of cleaning the carpet and its ability to absorb sound. If you want to ensure the nursery is as quiet as possible, cleaning up where the baby spat up is a time-consuming process.

Carpets are regularly described as the biggest air filter in your home. Carpets absorb moisture and odors. If you smoke and stop, your carpets will still radiate the nicotine and ash smells for months despite vacuuming. Deep carpet cleaning will reduce this issue, but to totally remove it requires replacement. When the floor gets wet, the moisture is absorbed by the carpet, and if not cleaned up soon enough, it becomes a breeding ground for mold that is almost impossible to eliminate without total replacement. This is why wall to wall carpeting shouldn’t include the bathroom, though that was a trend in the 1980s.

Observations about Wall to Wall Carpeting

Carpeting can shelter fleas and other blood sucking insects where your pets lie, though bed bugs can hide in the cracks of wood floors as well as any other surface. Conversely, having carpets and padding above concrete floors can prevent contact with insects that might sneak in through cracks in a concrete floor.

On the other hand, wood floors may warp if water or other liquids are left on them long enough. And wood floors may be discolored on exposure to various substances. Yet carpet won’t look as bad when scuffed by cleats or hard shoes. Don’t let the risk of discoloration or wear be the deciding factor, since both wood and carpet are prone to this issue.


If dust, dander, mildew or other allergens are a concern, you shouldn’t have wall to wall carpeting installed. If you want a warm, quiet and padded surface to walk on, carpeting is your best choice. Both wood and carpet need to be cleaned periodically, and they are similarly prone to discoloration. Carpeting beats any other flooring option other than bare concrete floors on price while letting you select from a wide range of styles, colors and textures.

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