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The multiple benefits installing bi-folding doors can have to your home

Timber-Bi-Fold-Doors---03Choosing to add and then having installed bi-folding doors is becoming one of the most common home improvements during the past three to four years but is it really a surprise?

Unlike their counterparts, which still do offer many benefits, bi-folding doors have the ability to completely revolutionise the homes we live in, whether just for a momentary day of sunshine or for the rest of our lives.

The addition of aluminium bi-folding doors provides a stunningly modern aesthetic to your home, which can be taken advantage of for work, play and rest purposes. It is, without question, the easiest way of opening up space within your home and it can be a real point of focus within dining, kitchen and living areas. Homes which have full length doors and have an open plan downstairs living area also have the added luxury of superb additional natural lighting with the property.

Whilst for some people, the choice of adding bi-folding doors is particularly simple (a straightforward yes), for others there is still some convincing to be had. Some of the benefits are obvious but some could just be the best uncovered secrets and make the choice incredibly easy.

Natural light comes pouring in

The addition of natural light into your home should be high priority. Not only is it proven to turn darker rooms into spaces you can use whatever the weather, natural light is also proven to greatly improve the mood of any individual.

Live a continental outside/inside lifestyle

The Europeans are very good at spending time inside and time outdoors without looking at them as separate entities. This is partly because of the climate however they also have homes that feature uninterrupted closed spaces. Bi-folding doors offer this too with a sense of freedom inside when they are open. You can experience the delights of interior living whilst also getting natural airflow and have friends and family indulging themselves outside.


When you think of large doors, you don't really consider the space saving element that adding bi-folding doors to your home can have. When they concertina back they cause very little disruption to your floor space. As they completely fold back to, you are not left with half or a third of the door you cannot walk out of (like patio or sliding doors).


Bi-folding doors can be incredibly bespoke depending on your individual needs. You can half have going one way and half the other if you wish and you can even have them going around corners through the use of a false centre column. The opportunities to enhance your home are endless.

They are incredibly secure

Again with lots of glass and wide open spaces you might think security would decrease. Quite the contrary as the security of aluminium bi-folding doors with ABS locks as standard actually increases the security of your home. With centre pins, multipoint locking and individual locking within each pane, your doors form the perfect barrier against intrusion.

They require little maintenance

Possibly one of the biggest benefits is that despite all the glass, you do not need to be maintaining them every few weeks. They are incredibly easy to clean and because they are big panes of glass rather than little ones, it is much easier and less time consuming. The tracks also don't get as dirty or need clearing as much so rather than worrying about them you can enjoy them.

These are just some of the many befits a bi-folding door can have to your home. It is always best to speak to a professional bi-folding door company if you wish to get these added as they can advise on other bespoke features as well as discussing installation access and ease. The benefits of adding bi-folding doors are huge so if you are thinking of making home improvements, this may well be the way to go!

If you have any questions, please ask below!