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The Most Fascinating Harry Potter Facts That Every Modern Youth Must Know

Harry Potter Facts That Every Modern Youth Must KnowThere may be several random interesting facts about Harry Potter that the most serious fans of “the boy who lived” a.k.a Harry Potter already know. But we can bet that these are some facts that even the most ardent Harry potter fans may have missed and would be surprised to know them.

Did you notice the major clue about impending death in the book the Prisoner of Azkaban of the Harry Potter series?

In the book The Prisoner of Azkaban we find that Professor Trelawney absolutely refused to sit in the 13th position at a dinner table which was already occupied by 12 people. She suggested that the first person to stand up in the group of 13 diners would be the first one to die. While they may just seem like an extra detail to add to the interesting character of Professor Trelawney and her craziness for the readers, but there is something more to this information than what meets the eye.


When The Order of The Phoenix first met and sat at the dinner table, which was a party of 13, the first to get up was nobody other than our favourite unsung hero – Sirius Black.

Trelawney may have also predicted that Harry was a Horcrux.


In the Divination Class we hear a surprising exchange between Harry and the professor. At first it seems like a common mistake on part of the professor but could it be more?

Trelawney: I think I am right in saying that you are a midwinter child?

Harry: No I was born in July.

Well, it is true that harry was born in July and not in midwinter. But “you know who” was born 31st December. So, perhaps the professor was sensing Lord Voldemort within Harry? As we know that when Voldemort tried to kill “the boy who lived” or Harry in Godric’s Hollow the curse reversed and attacked Voldemort and his soul latched on to the only alive thing in the room – Harry Potter himself.

So, after knowing the whole story we can now realize that the kooky and odd looking professor was actually one of the sharpest minds in the world of wizardry.

The secret behind the patronus:

We all know that Harry’s patronus is a stag which is also the same as his father James. But Professor Snape’s was a doe, thus, this explains best why he had been friend-zoned eternally by Lily Potter.

Aunt Petunia had heard about the dementors from Snape when she met him!

Petunia once said that awful told her about the Dementors that guard the prison of Azkaban in the book the Order of the Phoenix, thereby shocking everyone. How did she know?

She heard it when Lily and Snape were lying in the field and talking about dementors and how they guard the prison of Azkaban. There was a small rustling noise behind them which was none other Petunia hiding behind a tree when she lost her footing.

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