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The Most Effective Pigeon Removal Method in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to one of the largest pigeon populations in the country, and they reproduce annually at a super high rate. A surge in the pigeon population is giving property owners in Las Vegas a hard time, and finding the perfect method to remove pigeons from the buildings is overwhelming. The most effective method should prevent pigeons from landing on the premises, nesting, and roosting. Here are the effective pigeon removal methods in Las Vegas.

Birth control

Using this method is a perfect way of pigeon control in Vegas. The OvoControl program is an effective and humane way to get rid of pigeons in Las Vegas and most areas infested by these pests. It is a proven method of birth control, where pigeons’ breeding pattern is interrupted, reducing their population immensely. The method helps many property owners in Las Vegas to reduce the pigeon population annually by at least 50%. When you consider birth control, you can expect less pigeon infestation with as low as 5% in population in your area.

Pigeon Netting

This is the most natural and humane way to get rid of pigeons from the premises and has been used for years in Las Vegas. Install them on thin roads instead of a thick plank of woods because they can be used as brooding surfaces. When installing the netting, give them a space of 6 inches from the surfaces to prevent pigeons from even accessing. A steep angle makes it difficult for pigeons to land on the surface.

Using spikes

An effective method used for years to scare off and remove pigeons completely from buildings and premises in Las Vegas. Installing anti-roosting spikes makes it impossible for pigeons to hang around your roof. This method is only effective for large species of births like pigeons and not small birds. Small birds can use spikes comfortably and even build nests around those locations. Use spikes with plastic polycarbonate material. They are durable and require little maintenance.

Measure the surface you wish to install the spikes on, use special adhesive glue, and attach nails, tie-downs, and screws. In the long-term, pigeons will be scared to hang out in locations where spikes have been installed. Within a short period, you will not be facing any pigeon problems.

Waste cleaning

You can also use sprinklers as a natural way to deter pigeons from your roofs and other surfaces. Ensure you clean all the surfaces and get rid of the droppings. This is normally the first step when using other methods like netting. Note that pigeon droppings are extremely corrosive and may cause your roof and gutters to be damaged and block drainage, causing floods. It can also be a source of zoonotic illnesses which humans can catch.

When cleaning the surfaces, ensure you wet the areas to avoid dust, and remember to wear face dust to protect yourself. Warm water and soap are effective components as they will soften the sticky droppings.

Destruct with lighting

This is also an effective method of controlling the pigeon population by using lasers to cause partial blindness on the birds. The laser produces piercing lights, blinding pigeons from gaining access to their nesting and brooding sites. Pigeons may still adapt to these conditions, allowing them to populate. The main idea behind using a laser is to scare off the pigeons at the crack of dawn or the night. You can use lasers for several days continuously, and maybe the pigeon crisis in your location will come to an end.

Other lethal methods

If nature doesn’t take its cause and get rid of pigeons, then the other alternative humans have is shooting, trapping, and poisoning them. This may sound inhumane, but there is always an exception to the rule. Pigeons can cause harm to humans too, and when they become a health and accident hazard, it is time to reduce their population significantly.

Poisoning pigeons is an effective method but only for a short-term season, and it’s not humane at all. You may have a flock of 200 pigeons, kill 100, and within a few weeks, they repopulate in hundreds again. When using poison, ensure you have the right target. Otherwise, you will end up killing the wrong birds or animals.

A combination of poisoning, shooting, and trapping can be effective, which can change their breeding patterns and scare them off from the location. This method should only be used after all other methods have been exhausted and if the law allows.

If you have lived in Vegas, you certainly understand the effects of the ever-increasing pigeon population. Uncontrolled pigeon population is a crisis in Las Vegas as property owners have difficulty finding the perfect method to remove pigeons from the city. Pigeons are considered in the same class as rodents and insects as they are increasing at an alarming rate and creating trouble for humans.

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