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The Most Common Pitfalls when Playing Online Roulette

Of all the forms of gambling, there can be no argument that roulette is one of the easiest and simplest. And this fact is reflected in the number of players that online roulette attracts every day. When you look up the word “online casino” on the internet today, you’ll be amazed to see the number of wagers going into the different kinds of roulette. Such is the popularity of the game. Unfortunately, as simple as the game is, players still find themselves losing money rather than winning it. But why is that so? Some may quip. Well, the reason isn’t farfetched, the simplicity of roulette sometimes tempts and fools players into making some decisions that they wouldn’t have made in other technical casino games. What many fail to grasp is that although roulette is quite an easy game to play, it is not without its risks and pitfalls, and as such, there is a high chance to lose as there is to win. Read on to discover some of these common pitfalls so that you don’t fall into them too.

Jumping on any roulette train

There is no roulette God anywhere, and you shouldn’t consider yourself as one when it comes to choosing the type of roulette to play. One of the biggest mistakes many newbie gamblers make is jumping on any roulette game they find online to play. With the ease of access that comes with online gambling, players are spoilt with choice when it comes to choosing the game to play, and online roulette is no exception. However, not all roulette games you find online are the same. In fact, there are different types of roulette games online, and although they may all seem virtually the same, they do have some key differences, which can influence a player’s chances of winning. For instance, the European roulette wheel has 37 divisions and a single zero (0), while the American has 38 divisions, a zero, and a double zero (0 and 00). While this difference might not seem to be much of a big deal to you, it actually impacts your chances of winning. With the addition of the double zero (00) in the American roulette, the edge of the house is doubled, which reduces a player’s chance of winning. For a fact, the American roulette has a house edge of 5.26%, while the European has an edge of 2.7%. At all costs, avoid the American roulette, and opt for other roulette tables that come with a lower house edge.

Playing without a limit

Due to the simplicity of roulette, players often play without keeping in mind how much they’ve spent on the bets. It is true that roulette is a very exciting, fun, and fast-paced game, and without the right caution, you might find yourself exhausting your bankroll before you even realize it. Once the excitement sets in, players often lose themselves to the thrills, and they end up betting more money than they are comfortable with losing. It just feels so exciting that you convince yourself to keep on playing, with the hope that the next game might just be your jackpot. To prevent this from happening, players are always advised to set a spending limit before visiting a roulette site.

Sticking to one betting system

According to Judi online, sticking with a strategy that gave you your first wins and a streak of other wins might feel like the right thing to do even when you’ve started losing, but you really want to evaluate your options when it’s no longer working. Roulette is not like your regular life scenarios where you stick with a lifestyle or gameplan even when it isn’t working anymore. Once a strategy is failing, you should be looking at the next train to jump on. For instance, just because the Fibonacci system promises huge gains at every game doesn’t mean players have to stick with it.

Placing combination bets

In an attempt to improve their chances of winning, players double their bets and stake their money on multiple bets. Unfortunately, these types of players only end up burning their bankroll rather than making enough money. And why wouldn’t that happen? After all, the house is still the same, whether you place single bets or combination bets. With combination bets, you only risk losing your capital faster. Instead of placing too many bets in a single game, it is advisable that a new player focuses on placing a single bet per game. And if you’re lucky enough to have the game turning out in your favor, you can consider placing multiple bets.

Not exploiting the betting options

The beauty of roulette is that it comes with a multiplicity of options. But, unfortunately, not many players know about these options, and as such, they limit their games to the few options they know about. If you don’t really know much about your roulette betting options, be sure to look them up before you go online to risk your money. Some of the popular options include inside bets – corner, single number, basket, street, six-line and trio – and outside bets – red, black, odds, evens, and snake bets.

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