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The Many Benefits of Playground Equipment for Children

Playgrounds have soared in popularity in recent years and you can now find a playground in almost every village, town and city across the country. Schools, hospitals and shopping centres have also recognised the lure of a playground and have installed their own playground facilities on site. In addition to being fun, happy places for children, playgrounds have many other benefits that we will go through in this post.

1. Physical benefits

contained playgroundPlaygrounds are places where children can run, hop, jump, swing and slide their time away. In today's world, computer games, games consoles and mobile phones have taken over a major segment of the entertainment market and regardless of which part of Australia you live in, seeing children slumped in a chair using one of these devices is most likely a common site. On the other hand, children's playground equipment gives children the opportunity to stretch and exercise their muscles as well as get some fresh air into their bodies. Playing in this way also keeps childhood obesity at bay, something that is currently a major threat to children. In addition, playing within a playground helps children to improve coordination and balance, which will benefit the child as they grow older.

2. Social development

A playground is full of kids of all ages and from all different backgrounds, which gives children the opportunity to mix and interact with each other. Providing children with the social experience of playing in a playground is essential to the development of a well-rounded child. Children can also leave other important life lessons such as turn-taking and sharing which will benefit them hugely as they progress through life. They can also learn the important lessons of being followers or leaders. Through playing in a playground, children's imaginations can also be encouraged to grow and develop.

3. Confidence development

A child has the ideal opportunity to learn new skills and conquer fears within the safety of a playground environment. By overcoming a fear, accomplishing a new feat or acquiring a new skill, playing on playground equipment - whether it's swinging on the monkey bars or climbing a rope - the benefits to a child's self-esteem and self-confidence are immeasurable.

It is clear that access to a playground is a huge advantage to every child, regardless of age. By teaching important life skills and bestowing particular benefits-physically, mentally and socially-they give children the opportunity to grown and develop in a safe yet fun environment.

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