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The Hottest Photography Trends Taking Over 2021

Trends in photography can affect the combination of digital and print designs. This aspect of the visual aesthetics greatly influences the combination of filters, styles, and picture angles. Because of all the changes that have taken place this past year, many photo trends around the globe have become irrelevant to our current way of living. For example, to accurately reflect our current reality, any group images would have to show healthy social distancing behaviour.

Photography niches such as event photos, live music photos, and nightclub photography will suffer in 2021 due to the pandemic and movement and gathering restrictions. If you’re having an event and require professionally skilled affordable photographers who are keen on following the stringent social distancing protocols, consider engaging Perfocal.

Hottest Photography Trends

Photography trends are influenced by several things such as the photographer’s visual style; techniques that become convenient and practical, including social media filters. Let’s look at some of the top trends taking over 2021.

#1: Vertical Orientation

It may be unimaginable that an image’s orientation would be a trend. Horizontal pictures are generally now for landscapes and group photos. Portraits are mostly captured in a vertical orientation. This trend has likely gained popularity due to numerous smartphone captures, which are automatically vertical unless the phone is turned sideways.

#2: Storage in the Cloud

Continuous advancing technology means better resolution, which ultimately requires a bigger file capacity to adequately store all the information and images. Bigger file sizes need mobile storage since most photos are taken when up and about. Cloud storage usage allows you to wirelessly move and store your images, giving you access to them no matter where you are, provided you have the internet. Several tech companies offer cloud services for free such as Apple and Google. While the free space is limited, it is expandable at a fee.

#3: Diversification of Age

Age diversity is becoming as critical and relevant as cultural diversity in today’s world. We see this being expressed in the workplace with the inclusion of people of diverse ages. A good way to symbolise this trend is by photographing people of various ages together in one shot. This could be in the park or the workplace; there’s no location restriction, just as long as the message is clear in the images you capture.

#4: Capture Vibrant Colours

Social media has changed many industry trends, and photography isn’t left out. However, this means that something needs to be done differently to ensure an image stands out amid the thousands of images shared daily. Bright, strong, vibrant colours will get attention as they will stand out. Nevertheless, do not lose the natural flow of photography as your images need to be as natural as possible

#5: Minimalist Approach

Filters are slowly becoming overused with all the social media sharing of images. A photographer intent on being taken seriously will do something conflicting, like taking a minimalist approach. This trend is especially ideal for fashion, portrait, or landscape photography, where the focus is on the subject, and a simple background stands out better.

#6: Dark Backgrounds

A dark background gives the subject personality, creating an edge yet retaining a classic feel. This trend is common in fine art photography or still life photos. A dark background’s simplicity has the power to transform your images into thoughtful, professional ones.

#7: Silhouettes

Silhouette images are captured by having no light from behind the camera and your subject in front of an intense light source. This photography trend can remain relevant years on end as there is no fashion detail visible. Fashion trends can easily date a photo. It also allows the observer’s interpretation on a personalised level as the person in the photo is a shape model that can’t be tagged to a specific individual. This allows the observer to project into the world you depict in the image.

In Summary

Many other photography trends are taking over 2021 that you can include in your capturing moments. Remember that photography also varies based on the purpose, for instance, whether it is for business or social moments documented for future reference. The type of equipment you use will also determine which trend will be more suitable for the result you intend to achieve.

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