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The Future of Energy is in Germany

snAn Australian company has declared that the future of eco-energy lies in Germany by moving its operations into Nordrhein-Westfalen. Ceramic Fuel Cells, a renewable energy company originally based in Melbourne, has relocated its offices in order to take advantage of the country’s forward thinking energy policies - policies that the Australian government have been slow to implemement.

With a commitment to converting 80 percent of its energy use to renewables by 2050, the German government is at the forefront of sustainable energy creation - an industry that will sooner or later become part of everyone’s life. This means that companies like Ceramic Fuel Cells are flocking to the industrial powerhouse in order to ensure continued growth and secure innovative technologies. Germany it seems, is the place to be if you’re part of the sustainable energy sector.

Fuel Cells

Ceramic Fuel Cells are at the cutting edge of fuel cell technology - an alternative energy source that is based on chemical reactions. Fuel cells are an extremely efficient fuel source that don’t produce large quantities of greenhouse gasses and, in some cases, are portable enough to power cars over long distances. All they need is a constant supply of fuel and air.

The latest BlueGen technology from the company provides power and hot water to homes at very low cost - it may even be possible to take a small loan from k24 and install it in your home. These are essentially small generators that help you rely less on the grid; helping you keep down your bills and monitor exactly how much energy you use.

Unfortunately for Ceramic Fuel Cells, there are currently no incentives available from the Australian government and this is the reason the company has relocated to Germany. However, this move has helped the company refine its technology that it now hopes will be available around the world.

Investors are also benefiting from the change with the company offering interests rates in the range of 5-10%. This means that Ceramic Fuel Cells will continue to grow in Europe in the hope that, sometime in the future, the Australian government recognises the importance of clean green-tech and offers some incentive for the company to relocate back to its natural home.

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