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The Financial Benefits of Quitting Smoking Now

You’re probably already aware of how bad smoking is for your health. If that hasn’t convinced you to quit already (it should have) maybe some financial considerations might help. The reality is, smoking regularly makes a huge dent in your budget-it could actually be crippling you financially.


Most people should be aware how expensive smoking is, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to ignore such a habitual daily expense. We’re really going to look at how quitting smoking could be the answer to your financial problems.

If a pack of cigarettes costs about $5, and you smoke a pack a day-the maths are fairly straightforward. That’s $1825 a year, or $150 a month. Think of what you could do with that money instead. If you’re a particularly heavy smoker-then you could easily double or triple that amount. Now we’re talking serious money.

With an extra couple of thousand dollars a year, you could make some great changes in your life. And that doesn’t even include the costs ASSOCIATED with smoking-like gum and lighters… or the big one: medical costs. That’s right, not only does smoking cost you money every time you buy a pack-it also costs you more in the long run, as you’ll be paying for the cost of all the damage it does to your health.

So, not only is smoking bad for your health, but it’s bad for your finances BECAUSE it’s bad for your health. That’s more expensive medical insurance, or higher fees if you haven’t got the right coverage. Not only that, but eventually you might want to think about getting your smoke-ruined teeth fixed-another huge expense.

Think about your health AND your finances, and quitting smoking really does become the right choice. You’ll save money and you’ll be doing your body a huge amount of good.

How to quit smoking cheaply and easily

Some people rely on expensive programmes or courses to try and quit smoking. While these might be right for some people, they aren’t always the most cost effective.

The cheapest way to quit smoking is obviously by going cold turkey (cutting everything straight away and resisting temptation). But this isn’t right for everyone. Patches and e-cigarettes can also do the job without breaking the bank. You might think some of these high-tech gadgets seem more expensive than regular cigarettes-but that’s because they last much, much longer. A good $20 e-cigarette might be all you need to quit smoking. That’s not a price per pack or every week. That’s it. It’s a great investment if it helps you kick the habit altogether.

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