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The Family Tree Foundation

eyeprotection3The Freer Family Tree Foundation range from helping inner city youth in the U.S. to providing monetary assistance for children in the third world countries. Crowdfunding is a unique and rewarding opportunity for charities, and rewards can even be eligible for Gift Aid. Crowdfunding might be increasing in popularity, but charities need to ensure they have a proper strategy. Experts warn that charities should be wary of looking to the model as a quick fix for any fundraising problem they are encountering. Charities should be looking more seriously at crowdfunding even if it is only to diversify their income streams. Crowdfunding is a viable fundraising option for new charities as well as for establishing organizations. Anton Hawkins died in a car crash, who used crowdfunding was used to bring in cash to get established. AH20 is a charity set up in memory Anton Hawkin, crowdfund is a good way for small charities to broaden their network online, reaching out to new supporters and a great way to raise awareness. With crowdfunding it’s not about money, crowdfunding campaigns can give charities the opportunity to raise money online. It doesn’t cost much, crowdfunding take a very small percentage of the total amount raised to cover administration costs.

Mainly a project on a crowdfunding website that tells everyone what that charity is fundraising for and why. The charity then shares it as widely as possible, online and offline marketing techniques to encourage supporters to make financial pledges to the cause. You should have a clear idea of what you want to fund, and you need a great messaging to communicate your idea to people, and a fundraising target and a timeframe in which to meet it.

By all means you need a team on your side, getting a team involved and having individual roles and responsibilities not only spreads the word, it also increases the reach of the project exponentially. But team doesn’t have to do all the work, it an opportunity for everyone to get involved and to spread the word on their social networks, also family and friends. It’s a wonderful opportunity for everyone to come together to be creative about what the crowdfunding project could be and how the campaign will work for you. Crowdfunding is very serious when setting a target, they need the charities to be realistic about the funds they need to raise, and understand how many pledges they will need to meet their target. There is some platform which runs an all or nothing campaign. Targets must be met within the timeframe before funds are released. All or nothing campaigns tends to be more successful, with more funds raised due to the sense of urgency the chose timeframe creates.

The new site of land project for 1,5 hectares in size with houses designed to accommodate up to 10 children and a housemother, and we aim to support 50 children in 5 houses. They also wish to build 3 schools building of 2 levels with 36 rooms, sports area, staff accommodation, library, workshop, medical center, kitchen, store, farm project, a stage for traditional dance and offices and many more. The CDO children village is a home of the poor, homeless and orphaned in Siem Reap Province, Kingdom of Cambodia. The CDO Cambodia children development organization, their home of the poor, homeless and orphaned in Siem Rap Province, Kingdom of Cambodia. Right now Cambodia still needs money to start with the new project for building schools, education and houses for the children at Trang village. The ATE village would include school, a vocational training center and small medical center supplies. The people of Cambodia want the project to be as independent and self-sufficient as possible, the village would also include a farm with chickens, fish ponds and vegetable gardens, so that they can feed the chicken to get food from it. Orphans now have a new home to call home, outside Phnom Phen, they are very happy and now have their own place.

Crowdfunding has grown in the past years, it has also fund Barack Obama presidential campaign since then crowdfunding has seen huge growth in America. Websites such as Kiva and Kickstarter have enjoyed phenomenal success, raising millions for a vest array of projects. The sites help organizations or people raised money for a project online through multiple donations made by a number of donors over a short space of time. Most sites take people money if the project reaches its total fundraising target in the timeframe. Donors will also receive something in return for their gift, such as a money can’t buy experience.

Today Crowdfunding has emerged as an innovative way to find fund for a worthy cause. Mostly, it is used by business to raise capital for their new existing ventures, this platform can also work amazingly well for nonprofit organization. With their platform all you need to do is to design your charitable campaign, especially your financial target, they will host your campaign and publicist it throughout the network.

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