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The Evolution of Debit and Credit Cards

Evolution-Of-Credit-CardsThe concept of credit dates back to several years ago, in fact, to the times of the American West. Later after several years, the departmental stores or the plain grocery stores allowed people to take goods and grocery by delaying the payment by 90 days. In other words, this was the origin of the concept of credit when you could buy an item or a good and pay within a period of 90 days or 3 months. Over the years, these credit bills were converted into the so called credit cards.

Gradually over the years, the credit card providers allowed customers to use these plastic cards and set a credit limit for every card. There are a lot of terms and conditions that you have to abide by as a cardholder and make your payments on a regular basis and make sure that you don't default on payments.

It may be mentioned here that the first ever credit card that was accepted was way back in the year 1950. It was the Diner's Club card. With this card, a cardholder could dine and charge the card for meals but had to make the payment within a month. Gradually, over the years, the MasterCard and Visa card providers entered the market. When we talk about plastic cards, it is not just the credit cards that we refer to; debit cards are also taken into account.

A debit card is always better because you know you are using your own money. You will be able to spend only that amount that is available in your account. This is on contrast to a credit card where you are ultimately using some else's money as you are buying or getting things against credit. In case of debit card, the chances of defaulting are not there. The moment you are running out of money the card will be declined. There are several companies that are into making these plastic cards (one such company is http://www.card-online.it). This is known to make quality cards for various purposes. So, if you have plastic cards to order in bulk, you can try out the services of this provider.

A prepaid card on, the other hand, is not linked to any ban account. All you have to do is buy the card and fill it up with an amount that you desire and intend to spend. For instance, if you load the card with an amount let us say 10,000Euro and you spend 4500 Euro, you are still left with a balance of 5500 Euros, which you can use at a later period. You will be able to ‘fill' these cards online or by direct deposit. Studies have revealed that the concept of prepaid cards has gone down well with customers of all age groups and at least 2 people in every household will have a prepaid at his disposal.

While you have these plastic cards at your disposal, you can enjoy yourself and live a life king size just make sure that you are honest with the payments and don't fall behind on them especially if you are comfortable using credit cards as compared to prepaid cards or debit cards.


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