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The Espresso Martini Has Become The Premier After Dinner Drink. Find Out Why!

Believe it or not, there is an art to choosing the perfectafter dinner drink. While there are many who tout the virtues of a glass of wine after dinner, the espresso martini has become king. The combination of coffee and alcohol offers a number of different benefits that are sure to make your day. After experiencing a brief decline after its ’90s heyday, the espresso martini is certainly back infull effect.

But what makes it such a great choice for an after-dinner drink? This is a question that needs answering. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the advantages that the espresso martini has to offer:

Providing a Much Needed Boost

It should go without saying but life can be a bit of a roller coaster ride. There are nights where you will want a little something to get you through, whether you are planning to hit the town or simply have a late night at home with friends. The caffeine boost that the espresso martini has to offer is unlike most after dinner drinks, allowing you to get your buzz on without getting too sleepy. It’s perfect any time you find yourself planning a late-night or you just need a small pick me up to make it until bedtime.

Refreshing and Light

The idea of combining coffee and alcohol may be a turn-off to some. It’s easy to imagine that these drinks will be heavier and cause you to feel bloated. On the contrary, an espresso martini is a very light and refreshing beverage. They are also quite sweet, making them a great choice for after dinner. They essentially function as a tasty, liquid dessert.

It does not matter if it is spring or summer. The drink can be served with a few ice cubes on the warmer days and without the ice cubes when the weather starts to get a bit colder. Think of it is as the classic frappuccino…..with a little added kick to it!

Simple to Make

It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that you need to be an experienced bartender to whip up one of these bad boys but nothing cold be further from the truth. These drinks are as simple to make as they are to consume. In fact, many households will already have the necessary ingredients on hand. As long as you have espresso coffee, vodka, coffee liqueur, and sugar syrup, you are going to be good to go. You won’t need to study for too long since they are so easy to make.

A Hilarious Backstory

This is a drink that came to prominence with the help of the king of cocktails himself. There are not many drinks that come with a better backstory. Did you know that the espresso martini has been in existence for close to 30 years already?Dick Bradsellis the London bartender who is responsible and the funniest part of all?

He was just fulfilling a request from one of the top models in the world at the time. She sauntered up to the bar and asked Bradsell if he could make her a drink that would wake her up and then mess her up. He did not shy away from this challenge and now the espresso martini has continued to live on. If these cocktails are good enough for the top models of the world, imagine how awesome they must be!

An Enhanced Air of Responsibility

Being an adult is not always fun and that’s why you need a drink that allows you to cut loose….without all of the usual caveats. The espresso martini gives people the chance to cut loose while maintaining the aura of a responsible adult. Alcohol and coffee are the two beverages that are considered to be most synonymous with adulthood so it makes perfect sense that they would come together like this.

Those who choose the espresso martini can pretend that they are just having a coffee if it suits them because it is the grown-up’s cocktail. It is the absolute best choice for anyone who is looking to live out theirSex and the CityorMad Menfantasies.

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