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The Earlier You Plan for the End, the More Your Loved Ones Will Be Accommodated

Like everyone, one day we will pass on and leave our loved ones behind. This is the unfortunate part of life we all grow to accept as the years go by. Oddly enough, while our suffering will be over, it's just the beginning of for our loved ones as they mourn our loss. We cannot spare them the process of grieving, but we can spare them the process of planning for our funerals.


No loved one who has recently suffered a loss is 100% emotionally, mentally, and financially equipped to make final plans. He or she will be lacking in one or all of these areas. Make your own final needs plan and take control of the details of your funeral. Taking this step will alleviate the stress normally placed on the ones we leave behind. Our loved ones need time to grieve. During their time of grief, they have difficulty handling details and making decisions. Take that responsibility out of their hands and make those decisions now while you’re able, so they won’t have to later.

Take advantage of a final plan and prepare for the inevitable future. They are available to everyone and even those with a recent and extensive medical history. These final needs plans are designed to take care of the issues that burden families upon the death of a loved one: burial expenses, funeral details, final documentation, monuments and travel for the deceased. By setting up your final plan in advance, your family and friends are freed up to focus on recovering from the loss.

They're also affordable and can be started for as little as $5 per month. The payments are only required for a specified time, but your benefits grow tax-free forever. Along with the plan, you're assigned a personal account executive to offer free financial advice. Browse Theelephasgroup.ca to see what else is included in a comprehensive final needs plan. In addition to all of these perks, your family can receive the benefits in as little as 7 hours without worries of probate or estate settlement.

This type of plan also offers several very important services. The transportation of the deceased's body, final documentation, and monument services can all be included in a plan if added. Transporting a body from province to province or from country to country can be extremely expensive. By including this service in the final plan, all those costs would be covered. Plus, the plan also pays reasonable costs for a loved one traveling with the body. The plan provides all the documentation and notifications you would need to submit upon the death of a loved one including notification to Veterans Affairs, WSIB, passport and driver's license offices, banks, and insurance companies.

The final plan can give loved ones much needed assurances, including additional income upon your demise. Planning for the inevitable is not desirable but it is a necessity. If you don't do it, then which of your loved ones will be forced to do it? Take away that burden and do it yourself with a final needs plan.

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