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The Common Premises Of Research For a Dissertation

writerIf there is a dissertation, there is definitely research. So, what a writer needs to research upon before sitting to write down the whole document? Well, the choices can be multifarious and the way they contribute is also unique. Depending upon the focus of dissertation, the premises for research can be classified as following:

Things: These are studied mostly under the research pertaining to fields of geology, biology and chemistry. A researcher can write dissertation on the changes that anything as small as a microbe or as vast as the whole of world. How human beings evolved, What changes rocks go through, how rivers are formed and what their ultimate fates are, can be some of the examples that one can consider while researching.

Ideas: As a researcher, one can explore the premise of ideologies, political theories, social norms, etc. These form the favorite topics for dissertations to those students who want to understand the implications of ideas promoted by visionaries. Such dissertations also help in understanding the overall impact and relevance of the ideologies in the current times and can act as guideline for bringing in the desired change.

People: How people react to the interactions taking place around them forms the premise for investigative research. Study of sociological factors, medical studies, religious ideologies and practices affecting people are some of the topics worth exploring in areas of study like nursing, sociology, etc.

Energy and movements: Students need to study the cause and effect to display their understanding about the interactions happening in the environment. Physics, chemistry, astronomy, and other fields promoting investigative approach are well-explored by the help of assessing the energy management and its implications.

Policies and culture: Especially popular among the management students, this premise encompasses the management policies in the organization. Researcher can assess the nature of policies, strategies behind them and their far-fetched impact on the overall culture of the organization. The study may include topics ranging from ‘why a particular strategy’, ‘how to formulate policy’ to ‘what the policy offers and creates’ and thus, gives wide scope for meaty discussions and deep assessment.

Why dissertation is done, is the question that interests every student. The above premises point to the importance of dissertation writing and their role in enhancing the questioning power of the students.

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