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The Casino Storm in Northern Europe

Northern Europe comprises the Scandinavian nations, the United Kingdom, and several other smaller countries, all members of the EU. It’s a bit chilly over there but I can’t say the same of the personalities you’ll encounter. Europe is perhaps the haven for gambling, gaming, and casinos in the world. It may not necessarily be at the level of Macau, China or Nevada, USA when it comes to glamour, but I doubt there is any other place that can rival the continent when it comes to the spirit of gaming. I can’t recall a time when casinos were not popular in Europe since their emergence, and the same is no different for Northern Europe. Be that as it may, Northern Europe is a special case; here’s what I mean.

You’ll have a hard time finding another place on earth where gambling laws are as fluid as they are in Europe. Nonetheless, Europe is a vast country and gaming is not necessarily treated the same everywhere. It is believed that the first casinos on the planet were in Europe. Furthermore, poker, one of the games every casino features, is believed to have been born in Europe. Considering these accounts, it is possible to believe that the gaming spirit is the same all over Europe. Nevertheless, it depends on where you are in Europe; in our case, Northern Europe.

Denmark (Danmark)

Denmark, for instance, has always had rather frigid laws when it came to gambling until 2012, when the Danish Gaming Act introduced more fluid approaches for dealing with gaming. Previously, the Danish gaming laws came out as unclear and too strict. However, since their revision, things are more clear and flexible. The Danish Gaming Authority oversees gambling activities in the nation.

Denmark is a relatively small country, but it has a good number of significant casinos in its major cities: Aalborg, Odense, Copenhagen, and Helsingor. Casino Copenhagen is the one you must visit if you are ever in Denmark. It is the largest Casino in the country with around 140 slots and 25 live table games. As if that is not enough, it also features two unique casino games: Rocket 7 and Punto Banco.

One more thing, you should also look out for the Denmark Casino Jackpot that you could hit in any of the major Danish casinos. You stand to walk away with around 2 million dollars.

Finland (Suomi)

Finland is perhaps one of the most flexible places in Northern Europe as far as casinos and gaming are concerned. The laws over there are pro-gambling but quite complex. The idea behind the complexity is to ensure the wellbeing of all stakeholders. Gaming and gambling in Finland are monopolized among three state-owned organizations: RAY, Fintoto Oy, and Oy Veikkaus AB. These three organizations control every aspect of gambling in the nation. Finns love gaming and it is one of their favorite way of passing time. Nevertheless, private gambling and lotteries are illegal. Pesapallo is one of the most popular gambling game in Finland, albeit as is the nature of casinos, blackjack and poker retain their social status. In additition, Finns are just as crazy about online casinos like CasinoEuro – Toripelit; they never seem to get enough of it.

Sweden (Sverige)

Jumping over to Sweden, you’ll realize that this Northern Europe nation is under the Casino Act, Lotteries Act or Code of Statutes No. 1994:1000 as far as gaming is concerned. Here, you’ll find two main types of Casinos: international casinos and restaurant casinos. According to the current Swedish laws, only a maximum of six international casinos can ever exist. These international casinos are state-owned and no outside (non-Swedish) parties are allowed to operate them. The local government monopolizes and licenses the major casinos under the Casino Act. The main point is to control them to restrict illegal conduct or harm befalling any of the innocent Swedish citizens. Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm is the one casino you must spend some time when in Sweden.

Norway (Norge)

In Norway or Norge (as the Norwegians call it), as you’ll notice on iclg.com, gambling laws are very tight even today. Only two companies are allowed to operate casinos: Norsk Rikstoto & Norsk Tipping. Nonetheless, the country is home to some of the world’s best poker players, like Johnny Lodden and Thor Hansen.

Evidently, gambling is all over Northern Europe, but in different degrees. Any strict rules established by these countries are only to protect the state and its citizens. It is no secret that gambling can and often goes wrong very quickly. It’s fun and addictive. As a moth is attracted to bright light, women to bright clothing, and some fish to light, the chance that you could win any amount above a million dollars is irresistible to many.

Northern Europe casinos have French Roulette, American Roulette, Electronic Roulette, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, Omaha Poker, Video Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker, Three Card Poker, Slot Machines, Baccarat, Punto Blanco, Video Lottery Terminals, Craps, and Sports betting, among others.

I won’t say for sure what the future of casinos is in Northern Europe over the coming years, but considering the current trends in the industry and the history of gaming in Europe, I believe it is nothing but bright.

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