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The Butterfly Effect, or How To Make Your Life Happier

Butterfly Effect, Or How To Make Your Life BetterThe butterfly effect is part of the chaos theory and generally represents the idea of how a small change in the circumstances can cause a large change in the outcome. In other words, if you take one small, insignificant at a first sight decision, it could cause a large impact on your life at a later point in time. Have you ever thought about this? How even the decision of what to wear today could affect your day. Let’s imagine that you are going on a job interview and you want to make a very good first impression. Wearing your favourite, lucky college jacket you’ve had for more than eight years may seem a very good idea to you, but the HR may not agree that it’s an appropriate clothing for a bank manager. Our life is the sum of the choices that we make and the actions we take. And whether they are big or small ones, they determine and shape of our lives.

Now, how can you change your life?

Positive Thinking

I’m neither the first nor the last person who’ll start with that when it comes to happiness. Vibrant Life IV therapy does help. Changing your point of view from negative to positive is not an easy task, but it’s very helpful in most situations. Let’s imagine it’s Monday morning, you’re driving your car and someone hits you by accident on a crossroad. You have a choice, to start yelling at the person or think about how no one’s hurt and you’ve got the perfect reason to repair your car, which has already had scratches anyway. This is just an example that almost every situation has a good and a bad side, so try to see always the good side and soon you’ll see a positive change in both your attitude and your life.

Smile More Often

When you are smiling, you use certain muscles which send signals to your brain that you’re happy. So if you even don’t feel like smiling but smile anyway, you’ll trick your brain into feeling better. Also, everyone looks more attractive when they are smiling and it’s proven that people who smile more often live longer. And here’s something to think about: babies start smiling right after they are born, what they are thinking about?

Routine Tasks and Your Inner Health

Although the optimistic attitude and smiles come together, sometimes it’s really hard for you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There are some easy routine tasks which you can start doing in order to help you see the bright side in your life.


Many believe that reading could not only boost your mood, but change your life. People who read books are able to deal easier with emotional and psychological problems. Books could be used as a therapy and by spending a little time reading, you can change your life significantly. Books were used to help soldiers recovering from traumas, and even Sigmund Freud used literature during his psychoanalysis sessions. So if you don’t read often-start. That’s how you’ll boost your mood, use your imagination and you’ll surely feel better. Sometimes a half an hour spent in reading is enough to feel relaxed and able to see the bright side of life.


Recent studies confirm that most of the diseases are caused because of poor home and body hygiene. Did you know that handwashing can decrease the risk of respiratory infection by 16%? If the house is not regularly cleaned, the germs will multiply and grow in the dirt, and people who live there may get sick. So taking the decision to clean your house on a regular basis you will increase your level of health, which will improve your ability to concentrate and you’ll easily see the positive in life.

No matter if you love to clean or don’t mind the mess, it’s proven that just sitting in the cluttered room increases your level of stress, which may decrease your body energy. It’s not a secret that people who are under stress procrastinate their daily activities and replace them with eating. Also, they are more likely to be irritable and moody. When you keep your home clean you’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed there, and you’ll feel happier.

Physical Activity

Even if you are spending only 30 minutes a day in some physical activity, it could be beneficial for both your mental health and your mood. The physical activity not only helps you control your weight and strengthen your muscles, but it reduces the risk of some diseases, such as lung cancer, type 2 diabetes and more. You can start by spending only five minutes a day and soon you’ll easily see the difference in your mood. You’ll sleep better and you’ll be able to deal with a stressful situation more easily.

Every day we make decisions, and for better or worst, every one of them affects your or other people’s lives. These small changes won’t make you smarter or wealthier, but they could make you feel better, more comfortable and relaxed. Changing your attitude will lead to more positive situations in your life. You’ll feel better and able to see the bright side in everything and everyone. So start today, be happy.

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