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The Benefits of Pumpkin for Your Skin

Health-Benefits-Of-Pumpkin-And-Pumpkin-SeedsFall has arrived and pumpkin spiced everything seems to be dominating the marketplace. But did you know that pumpkin does way more than simply smell good? Indeed this delectably scented, festive treat is a fantastic addition to your skin care routine, and today we are going to talk about why. Certain brands like Rhonda Allison have worked hard to deliver some seriously amazing pumpkin products that help to brighten and beautify your skin during the fall and winter months, and beyond.

  1. Enjoy Skin Brightening Benefits - High in fruit enzymes and AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), pumpkin helps to slough away dead skin cells, which in turn boosts cellular turnover and reveals radiant, beautiful skin. The AHAs go beyond simple exfoliation by working to brighten the skin, meaning a more even complexion that you will be proud of.
  1. It is High in Vitamin C - Vitamin C is an incredibly popular ingredient in the skin care world, and with good reason; it delivers so many beautiful benefits! If you adore pumpkin but want the benefits of Vit C, you are in luck, because pumpkin is natural rich in this popular vitamin. This allows you to enjoy a pumpkin-y scent while getting a healthy dose of antioxidants that help to moisturize and brighten the skin, while improving skin elasticity.
  1. Pumpkin Happens to be Rich in Minerals - From zinc, to copper, to magnesium, and more, pumpkin has a host of minerals to offer your skin. Zinc is particularly beneficial for acne sufferers, as it works to balance oil products and aids in skin healing (post-breakout). If you haven't heard about copper recently, the ingredient has been receiving lots of recognition for its ability to fight wrinkles, while also aiding in the reduction of acne (who wouldn't love that?!).
  1. You Can Enjoy Some DIY with It - If you are an avid DIY-er, pumpkin might be a fabulous and fun ingredient for you! There are tons of home made pumpkin skincare recipes (and of course, food recipes) on the internet. Pinterest is a fabulous destination for finding (and saving) pumpkin recipes for the Fall and Winter months. A helpful tip: discuss these recipes with your medical esthetician. While they may be great for some, they may cause your skin to become reactive. Remember, just because pumpkin is natural, does not mean it is not Ever notice your hands starting to sting a little while pumpkin carving? This is the powerful enzymes showing their strength as your skin is exposed.
  1. It Smells Amazing - Seriously, there is a reason why this particular ingredient dominates the autumn scent scene. Pumpkin products that are actually made with pumpkin (don't be deceived by ingredients that use artificial fragrance to achieve the scent) deliver an amazing aroma while also showering your skin in essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.

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