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The Benefits of PSS Shaft Seals

There are many boats that lay unused in various shores, left to rot due to unmanageable maintenance and repair work that is too costly for owners to attend to. Boat owners know the cost of repair can be prohibitive and staggering, so it is therefore important to make any necessary effort towards protecting your boat from leaks and avoidable accidents or damages. One of the common practices involves making the boat airtight and watertight. Effective seals that prevent leaks and water seepage are the best chance of achieving this. However, not all seals offer the same effectiveness and some need increased maintenance. It is therefore important to keenly evaluate the seal before purchase and choose reputable brands such as PSS Shaft Seals.

Here are some of the benefits of PSS shaft seals and things to look for.


They offer a high standard of seals for various applications

PSS shaft seals are simply the number one product available on the market and no other marine mechanical parts have come close to matching their sales volumes. Many well established boat builders install these seals as part of their quality standards. The seal is also considered a premier retrofit and is certified by ABS, RINA and Bureau Veritas. Boat yards, engineers and builders prefer PSS seals as their first option for installation.

Reduced maintenance costs

When looking for propeller shaft seals, maintenance becomes a prime consideration factor. PSS seals are designed to perfectly integrate into the shaft system and provide excellent airtight and watertight protection. Once installed, minimal maintenance will be required and the seals can be used for a longer period of time before needing checks, repair or replacement. They are virtually free of any maintenance and replacement is recommended every 6 years. Nonetheless, periodic checks go along way in preventing damages and reducing maintenance costs.


Durability and water resistance

Of course most seals that exist are wear-resistant. However, PSS shaft seals are designed to prevent air and water intrusion and also withstand elements of rusting, UV radiation and saltwater. The seals are quite durable and can last up to 6 years before being replaced, which is a good performance marker. While the seal system is designed to maintain constant face contact, they feature non-wear components. They can thus withstand the constant friction and rubbing without suffering wears and tears. If you're looking for a seal that will last well, then PSS shaft seals are your best choice.

Maintenance kit

PSS shaft seals come with maintenance kits and also include an installation manual. Installation and maintenance tutorials are also provided to help boat owners quickly seal their propeller shafts without any need for professional help.


There are many other benefits of PSS shaft seals including their competitive prices, variations for different types of shafts and ease of installing. These seals are resistant to corrosion, UV radiation and salt water damage. They are designed to withstand alternating conditions of water and dry shores without suffering a degradation of performance.

While there are many types of seals to choose from, only a few will guarantee quality and meet your requirements. When the propeller shaft is not sealed effectively, leaks may cause various damages and demand costly repairs. It is therefore important to choose wisely. PSS shaft seals definitely one of the best on the market in terms of durability, quality and cost. They have a quality guarantee and are approved by boat builders across the world. In any event, if you need to replace a shaft seal or are building a boat and need to install one, then PSS should really be the only choice you make.

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