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The Astonishing Effects Seasons Have on You

You may say that this is nonsense and seasons have nothing to do with our behaviour, but the truth is they do. They can affect every aspect of our life. Mankind is so advanced in technology and develop a modern lifestyle, but when it comes to emotions and healthy way of living we run far behind. It could be quite hard for some people to realise that their mood can be determined by the weather conditions outside. In fact season changes affect our sleeping, eating, social and sexual behaviour. Each season has its typical changes that people usually adopt in their daily lives. We'll check what are the most common changes and what can we do about them, so they don't affect us that much.


Spring-AllergiesFor ages, spring has been associated with joy, passion, and reawakening. Spring usually brings a lot of rain, that's why people might feel a little blue. The change of air pressure when a storm is on its way can cause headaches as well, dampening people's moods further. Something that also directly affects the mood of many people is seasonal allergies, most intense during the spring. However, people tend to “bloom” alongside nature as well. Solution: This time of year is the perfect moment for cleaning, as the days get longer you might start noticing things that need to be taken care of. It could be something simple as repainting, cleaning, remodeling, etc. If you don't have the time to take a proper care of your home, there are always cleaning companies that will do the job in no time.



Surf, beach, sunbathing, the ocean, BBQ with friends, those are just part of the things that we all look forward to during the year. In general, people tend to feel happier and more relaxed. Aussies take most of the benefits that a summer season can offer. We have incredible beaches, great surfing opportunities, warm weather for garden parties, etc. However, the heat of summer can also cause sluggish behaviour in people, causing them to actually exercise less. There is also the health risk of heat exhaustion for elderly people and kids when their bodies overheat and can't work fast enough to cool down. Solution: The best thing you can do during the summer season is to stay hydrated. You should carry a water bottle to keep you cool all the time. If you want to feel more than okay during summer, train regularly, try to fit in that nice dress/ t-shirt/ skirt, that you love.


o-WALK-AUTUMN-facebookThe change from summer to autumn can be extremely beautiful. Many people love this time of year, although it brings cooler weather and shorter days. However, extended darkness also disrupts the body's circadian rhythm because decreased exposure to sunlight tells the body to be asleep when it should be waking up. Solution: Nevertheless, people should try to spend at least half an hour daily outdoors, if weather permits. Exercise to feel better, go to the mall where there are other people and where you can move about freely.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAhh.. season of snowboarding, skiing, hot chocolate, lighted fireplaces, etc. Days are at their shortest and the temperatures are decreasing. Going to work when it's dark outside and heading home in be dark again when you leave work is greatly discouraging, making people feel like their days are over already and all they've done is work. Our bodies need vitamin D and the good vibes that the sunlight brings. Unfortunately, that's hard to accomplish when we don't even want to go out. Solution: Try to force yourself to wake up in the morning, say 7:00 or 7:30 rather 10 or 11, even on weekends. To warm up you can watch a comedy or listen to your favourite music. Have enough natural or electrical light where you spend most of your time, at home as well as in the office. And as Shakespeare said: "Think not of the sky is spotted with clouds, but partly sunny”.

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