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The 5 Useful Rules of a Bucks Night Party

Bucks-PartyAre you getting married day after tomorrow? Are you feeling pressured or nervous about the new move? Bucks party can be a way to make you feel relaxed and easy before facing that big decision. Everybody wants a happy and relaxing time and bachelor parties can help you with that.

The thing is every bachelor party feels like it has to be more epic than the last. Frankly, it is exhausting. So, if we are e going to keep doing these weekends, they need to be worthwhile. They need to be perfect.

The parties do have rules. They can be funny or serious but are part and parcel of a well-planned buck's party. We are about to discuss five most useful rules

  1. Be Awesome

You just need to be awesome. Make sure you invite people who are good at doing the same level of fun as the group is having. If everybody is not free and open or close enough with each other, then the level of fun might get hampered.

  1. No Calling/Texting the going-to-be MRS

The going-to-be groom only has a few days of freedom left and he wants to spend every second ‘with the lads'. If you are caught sending texts to the other-half, you are sure to be punished in the form of excessive beer consumption. In the interests of your own health, tell her your battery is dead and leave the messaging until you get back to the hotel to ‘charge your phone'.

  1. Take Your Punishment like a Man

You are bound to break the rules at some point. When you do, you can be sure that someone will be on hand to dish out your punishment. Whether it be "neck your pint", "do two fingers" or "do 10 press-ups", don't argue or moan, just get on and do it; trust us, it is less hassle in the long run.

  1. No Fighting and handle yourself

On a slightly more serious note, no one wants to be ‘that guy' that gets everyone else kicked out, a criminal record and several hours in A&E. Keep it fun, lighten up and enjoy the banter. If you cannot handle your beer, go to bed.

  1. Strippers after 2 a.m.

Strippers should not exist before 2 a.m. If you are looking at one at 9 p.m., then you are wasting time that could be spent with girls that could actually end up in your bed without telling you a "sensual tickle will be an extra 10 bucks." Not to mention, is there anything more awkward than being completely sober with strippers?

You end up hearing about her "real job" and spending the whole time talking to the retired cop she brought as protection. Bucks party strippers are really amusing and they really are friendly but you need to work a little to bring them into focus. So choose the right timing.

There are more fun elements you can add while planning a buck's party. There are strippers who perform jelly wrestling and it's really fun! When looking for bucks night ideas, jelly wrestling is always a crowd favorite. When organizing the lady entertainment for your stag party, you should ask for strippers who will be willing to participate in the jelly wrestling events.

I had a buck's party where two strippers got into the Jelly with the buck and completely smashed him. It was brilliant. Topless waitresses are often easily convinced to participate in the jelly wrestling because they will get to know you throughout the day and become more comfortable with the idea of wrestling you. Often, the girls are more willing to jelly wrestle each other rather than a big hairy man.

So you have the fun, but find it a challenging task of organizing the buck's party? Our advice to you-do something exciting & memorable for the bucks party. Do something the groom-to-be can enjoy before things get a little crazy on the bucks night!

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