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Taking Care of Your Fine China Glassware while Shipping

fragileAre you someone who's recently planning to move to a new home? If answered yes, you must be worried about your fine China glassware and sets that are placed safely inside your kitchen! Well, if you need to ship fine China, the process of packing is particularly important if you want to save it from any kind of damage during the transition process. There are many people who love to collect such glassware but when it comes to moving and shipping such things, they fall short of ideas. If you too don't know how to pack the dishes, the fragile items in your drawing room, you should follow the directions and the word of cautions. Here are some steps that you may take in while shipping your fine china glassware safely.

  1. Clean up a small work space: We all know that fine China glassware is very delicate and before you start packing these fragile items, the first thing that you should do is to protect them by cleaning up a work space. It may be a large empty table or the floor. It is only by clearing up the space that you can maintain a track over the items and control the amount of damage that may be caused. Once you choose the area, lay out the items so that you can see them while packing.
  2. Choose a sizeable box: Within the packing industry, the perfect box for packing china glassware is often called "dish pack" barrel. It is vital to keep the size compact as the box may become difficult to move when you pack too many pieces into it. When your best china glassware sits under too much weight, you may be sure that it's gone.
  3. Wrap items in newspaper: After you give some foam cushions, you have to wrap every piece seperately for enhanced care. When you wrap more than one thing into one sheet of newspaper, you should make sure that no glass comes in contact with the other. Also ensure sufficient layering and padding.
  4. Pack the wrapped objects: Arrange the wrapped items with enough cushions placed between each and every piece. Make sure that the edge of the items is not in touch with the edge of the box.
  5. Fill up the empty places in the box: If only you can fill up all the empty spaces of the box, you can prevent the glassware from shifting places within the box. Check if the objects are moving, if they are, stuff it more with cushions to avoid breakage.
  6. Shut the lid carefully and strongly: Even though the lid of the box might have some special mechanism for shutting, but still putting a tape over the entire thing will pay you. Scribble ‘Fragile' and ‘This Way Up' on the sides of the box so that the person involved, knows how to handle them.

So, if your kitchen and home is full of fine china sets and you have planned to shift to a new house; don't forget to follow the above mentioned points while packing them.

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