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Some Amazing Uses of Coloured Tissue Paper

The usage of tissue papers has really made our life comfortable. That is why it is considered one of the biggest inventions of mankind. These papers in a country like the UK needs no introduction. The use of tissue papers in the UK began in the mid-20th Century when people had almost discarded the use of white tissue papers and began using tissue papers to match their bathrooms décor.

The trend of using coloured tissue paper in UK has picked up again, but its uses have not remained restricted to wipe hands and face. Now they are being used for several other purposes.

Unlike white tissue paper, the uses of tissue paper in the UK are literally broader. They have become an inseparable portion of our lifestyle that we can’t ignore at any cost.

There is a misconception that tissue papers are for women use only, but actually, it can be used in thousands of places. A tissue paper can be used for adorning a gift wrap so that it can make your gift special to others. You can make various crafts like flowers, pom-poms, and other decorative items. When you go for creative arts and craft making, colored tissue papers can be a very useful thing for you. You can design various crafts with your kids to make them more creative.

Coloured tissue paper in UK

Some more extensive uses of tissue paper in the UK are as follows:

1. As an Alternative to Handkerchief

Using these tissue papers as an alternative to handkerchief is one of the most clichéd uses of it. You will find it in every Girl’s handbag. So if you ever wondered what exactly ladies carry in their handbags then mostly it can be tissue papers.

2. Gift wraps

One can use it as gift wrap as well. The tissue papers possess some amazing features that make them a great gift wraps. When you wrap up your gift item in tissue paper, it gives your present an appealing look. You can go through various tutorials of gift adorning with the help of tissue papers, to customize an eye-catching gift wrap.

3. Adorn the gift box

At the time of Christmas, you can buy a variety of tissue papers from coloured tissue paper suppliers to cater your diverse needs on that special day. You can wrap your gifts in different tissue papers. When your friends will receive gifts wrapped in them, you would admire the look on their faces.

4. Making flowers

You can also use tissue paper for making flowers, pumpkins, trees and many other things. Tissue papers are joyride most people like to hop on for making most out of them. You can also stuff them in your bag or fold them over your product as a gift box.

5. Use it for promotion

And if you are a businessperson, then these papers available with suppliers in the UK is another way to brand and promote your products by matching the print colour to your Company logo. Designing your company’s logo on a colour tissue paper can simply enhance the brand value of your company.

6. Dress up your packaging

The custom tissue paper is in great demand than ever now. It gets your name circulated and advertised and dresses up your packaging. The Wig Shops, restaurants, Shoe Stored, Boutiques, and restaurants are making most of the use of tissue papers.

You can use them for wrapping glass or china items or to make flowers to adorn the gift box.


Actually, there are thousands of things that you can make with the help of tissue papers. The above pointers show the some of the best things you can do with them. From an alternative of tissue paper to the gift and home decor, a tissue paper comes handy in a variety of places.

Often, experimentation integrated with creativity brings a considerable advantage. That is possible when you draw something unexpected on coloured tissue papers. The tissue paper you buy from coloured tissue paper suppliers in the UK can be a surface that brings with it the colour, marks, textures, and irregularities of its own.

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