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You Are Not Attractive If You Are Only Physically Beautiful

We can't but admit that physical appearance has become one of the things we are most concerned with. Whenever we go, we do our best to look great. I'm afraid that we even judge people based on their appearance. However, it is not a rare case that some women are so obsessed with their physical appearance that they undergo a number of plastic surgeries or use excessive makeup to look better. Unfortunately, these may not always yield the expected results.

If we keep in mind that nature is the best artist, some common beauty mistakes will probably not occur. For instance, using aggressive makeup will not make you beautiful. As I see it, makeup should be used only to emphasize your beauty, and you actually hide it when you apply too much makeup. Also, there is a number of women who don't know where the limits are when it comes to plastic surgeries. But, have you ever thought that beauty is actually not all about physical appearance? You know that there are countries whose women are thought to be among the most beautiful in the world. Is this so just because of their physical beauty? I don't think so. There has to be something that makes them unique and separates them from the rest of the world. Let's try to find out what that is.

Passionate Italy

monica belluci

Some say that Italian women are the cutest creatures on the earth and that it's so easy to fall in love with them. But why? First of all, they somehow know how to dress well. That, of course, gives them confidence and men find this very attractive. You may be surprised that besides being passionate, the thing that men love about Italian women is that they are smart. It's maybe because this world still favors men, and women in Italy work hard to get recognized for their qualities and knowledge. Also, they speak at least three languages. Another thing that makes them irresistible is their sense of humor. They have that disarming and witty sense of humor that men simply love. And finally, they are family-oriented, meaning that they value family more than anything else, which for some men can be pretty attractive.

Sensual Argentina

argentinian girl

Now, let's go to the other continent and see why men are crazy about Argentinian women. Part of their beauty actually comes from their heritage. You now probably think of a girl with gorgeous skin, dark flashing eyes, dark hair, and amazing figure. It is true that Argentinian women look like this, but maybe you don't know that they really take good care of themselves and follow contemporary fashion styles and trends. Just like Italian women, they take their education seriously, and although there are still issues to be dealt with, such as unequal pay and domestic violence, these women work hard to get recognized for their qualities. Another reason why Argentinian women appear attractive to men is that they love dancing and music in general. This comes as no surprise, though, since Argentina is the birthplace of the tango. It's probably the sensuality these women radiate while dancing that makes men fall in love with them. And again, women in Argentina have a special spot in their hearts for their families, which can actually be enough to speak volumes about them.

Romantic France

french girl

Moving back to Europe, we come to France. Thinking of French women, the first word that appears to your mind is probably stylish. When you take into account that Paris is one of the capitals of fashion, it is no surprise that this trait is present in every French woman. And have you ever noticed how romantic the French language sounds? On some level, even this may be the thing contributing to the fact that French women are perceived as truly romantic. We can't but mention their gorgeous physical appearance, with their sultry eyes and glowing skin, which all adds to their attractiveness. When you couple all this with their tendency to flirt, then you come to understand why no men can stay indifferent to a French woman. They are also very sensual so that they take time to enjoy delicious food, great wines, and life in general. Also, it appears that the beauty of these women doesn't wear off as they get older, probably because they know how to take good care of their bodies.

So, as you can see, it's not all about physical appearance. Being physically attractive is not the deciding factor for being truly attractive. Some other things, such as sensuality, sense of humor, kind nature, and intelligence are actually far more important when it comes to perceiving a woman as beautiful.

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