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Why Flowers Don’t Grow Old

Have you ever wondered how long we have been playing with flowers as a civilization, particularly here in Australia? The oldest flower shops in the country date back to the earliest 20th century. The oldest flower shop in the world was opened in the 19th century. We are in the 21st century, and that means that as a human population, we have been tinkering with flowers for about two centuries now. But that is the period we have counted because I’m sure even cave dwellers noticed the pretty flowers as they passed by bushes while gathering food and supplies. Why are we not bored with flowers after all this time?

Your Poison, My Meat

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This is certainly true for flowers because flowers are not for everybody. A little girl passes by a flower garden and steps all over the flowers – no remorse, whatsoever. Another little girl passes by a flower garden on the other side of the street, and she can’t help noticing the splendor and soothing scents that engulf them. To one, it was fun stepping all over them; to the other, they were beautiful and smelled nice.

Beauty and the Eye’s Beholder

Not all women love flowers at their weddings, but most women do. Some women don’t consider it a wedding if no flower was present. Is it tradition or conditioning? Do you need flowers at the office, wedding, home, graduation ceremony, birthday, valentines, or just for the sake?

The answer is simple; it depends. Flowers are generally beautiful and have a pleasant smell (but not all of them do, Aussies have different noses). However, as you’ll witness at Pearsons Florist in Sydney, Aussies are a diverse culture with different preferences and tastes.

Having survived and thrived in a country with dangerous animals but the most amazing people in the world, one can’t help noticing that flowers have played a significant role in making this country the way it is. Very few countries appreciate flowers the way Aussies do. Did you know that Aussies spend nearly $7 million on flowers only during valentines?

The Secret

The reason flowers will never die is that they are an integral part of our society and their beauty just can’t be ignored.

We associate flowers with so many things and events besides Valentine’s Day. Easter is around the corner, and more flowers will be exchanged to commemorate the event. I even got flowers on April fools – I don’t know what kind of game my girlfriend was playing on me. It would have been funnier if they were from me to her.

Flowers are beautiful; period. They come in different forms, shapes, sizes, colors, fragrances, and designs. Did you know that the first flower shop was opened in 1875? That’s how old the trade is. That goes to show you just how many years we have had to come up with various flower designs for different occasions and scenarios.

Flowers bring a room to life and their lovely scents ensure that you remember where you smelled them. There is a reason they say you should smell the roses as an expression of relaxing and not taking life too seriously. Flowers allow you to stop, put your worries aside, and for a moment, live carefree. That’s why they will never grow old. Very few things on this planet enable you to forget your troubles, but flowers are quite effective at this.

They bring out the best of events, and that’s why they are necessary at weddings and all other occasions. They sooth, they heal, they revive, and to some degree, entertain – what does the bride do with her flower bouquet after the wedding?

If they are not for you, it’s okay. I’m sure there’s something else somewhere that has a similar effect on you. For the rest of the Australian crowd, wherever you are, pay attention to the next bunch of flowers you come across, and I promise you’ll have a better day (assuming you are not allergic).

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