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Weird Architectures throughout the World

Several examples of awesome architecturally ambitious structures are there throughout the world. Such buildings along with demonstrating the finest architecture also are unique in some ways. Though most of us do not understand the technicalities of architecture, yet some constructions astonish us.

Here we have picked up a few examples of the famous weird building designs from around the world. You can visit these buildings and discover the inspiration behind them.

Kansas City Public Library (Missouri, United States)


The public space dedicated to digital and printed media establish that even the quietest of buildings can make an iconic design statement. The public in the Kansas City are asked to nominate books that they think represented their city. Their selection become the theme of the building. The library was founded in 1873 A.D. It is the oldest and the third largest public library in the Kansas City area.

Forest Spiral Building (Darmstadt, Germany)


The Forest Spiral, in Darmstadt, Germany, was built between 1998 and 2000. The structure consists of 105 residential units, was designed by the architect F. Hundertwasser. Natural features are expressed through the architecture of the building. The colored stucco and the bands of ceramic tiles appear like different layers of rocks. It has got twelve floors and on the top there is a big garden, enough possibilities to relax, and a restaurant. The most unique thing about this U-shaped palace is that it does not follow any regular grid.

Basket Building (Ohio, United States)


The Longaberger Basket Company has erected the highest monument. The basket is a replica of the hand-woven gift basket, which is woven 160 times of its normal size. It is a magnificent sight that can even be viewed from the orbit.

The seven story building consists of two warm handles that prevent the formation of ice and two 725 pound gold leaf tags bearing the company name. There office of Longaberger has specific visiting hours in which you may see the wonderful building.

Fallingwater House (Pennsylvania, United States)


Fallingwater is a famous house built over a waterfall by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The house is famous because it does not appear to stand on a solid ground, instead on a waterfall. The architectural styles of Wright is in harmony with the nature and the house built bears testimony of his natural style.

The house was built as a weekend retreat for the Kaufmann family. The inside of the house is like a cave and the material used in the structure blends well with the colors of rocks and trees. Bright furnishings provide occasional highlights. This building design opens up a new avenue in American architecture.

Dancing House (Prague)


The stunning building of Dancing House is located along the side of Vltava River in Prague. The building located at the city center is somewhat rare. The glass structure has daring curves. Its top floor is only open to the public. One of the city's leading restaurant is there in the top floor. The restaurant offers not only delicious cuisine, but also extravagant view of the city over the river.

Capital Gate Building (Abu Dhabi)


This iconic tower, the leaning structure is located in adjacent to the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center. It leans 18 degrees to the west, which is four times more than the existing Leaning Tower of Pisa. In 2010, Guinness Book of World Records also confirmed that Capital Gate is the world's furthest leaning man made tower.

The Capital Gate is an astonishing structure. It is remarkable not only for its leaning nature, but also for the funnel shape. Due to the strange shape of the tower, the hotel rooms are of unique shape and size. The windows are from the floor to ceiling so that the guests can have the best view of the city below.

There are numerous other weird architectural examples throughout the world. Many such fascinating examples are also under construction. Therefore, search for the amazing architecture when you visit any location.

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