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The Top 7 Healthiest Cities in America

The Top 7 Healthiest Cities in AmericaFinding the ideal place to live takes a lot of consideration for any person. A lot of people will look for things like good jobs and schools, but one of the most common deciding factors for people today on their neighborhood is how healthy it will be for them to live there.

There are also a lot of factors that can make a city ‘healthy' however, there are many options in the U.S. that make getting healthy and creating a healthy lifestyle a lot easier for anyone. Here are the top seven healthiest cities in America to live in.

Chandler, AZ

Arizona is a popular place for many people to migrate to because of its ideal warm weather and host of top medical facilities. There are a lot of great urgent care options that are not usually available in other areas of the country.

Minneapolis, MN

The Midwest is a great place for people to raise a family and enjoy great schools and parks. Many people love Minneapolis because it is one of the most bike friendly cities in the country, making the workday commute so much better for your health.

Boulder, CO

Another great Midwest town is Boulder, CO. This city is known for all of the great outdoor activities that it has to offer, from hiking in the mountains to white water rafting in the rivers. These options make it easy to believe that more people in Boulder participate in vigorous activity than any other city.

Washington DC

The capitol of the nation is of course one of the cities leading the way in healthy living. From bike sharing programs to daily farmer's markets throughout the expansive metropolitan area, Washington DC is one of the best places to improve the whole family's overall health.

Cambridge, MA

Nothing seems to be out of walking distance in the small city of Cambridge, MA. It is a great place for young professionals to build their life and establish healthy habits right away. Being only a short drive away from Boston, many people in Cambridge train year round for the famous Boston Marathon.

Honolulu, HI

The sunny island of Oahu is no stranger to happy and healthy people. Many people love living in this vacation spot not only because of its breathtaking views, but also because of the many outdoor exercises a person can do year round. Surfing and yoga on the beach are just a few of the ways people love to clear their mind and boost their calorie burn at the same time.

San Diego, CA

California has a lot of growing cities who are always making the changes needed to keep their citizens healthy. In addition to the many environmental practices the city has made, San Diego is known for is numerous dog parks, public beaches and community events geared towards healthy living. Sign up for a fun run and bring the dog with for a fun weekly tradition everyone will appreciate.

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