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The Duchess of Cambridge - the Pearl in the British Crown

kate 1st picCatherine Middleton is without a doubt an amazing woman who has shown us through the years how you can be a royal and still be a down to earth and understanding person. She had been often compared to the late Princess Diana however she managed to get out of her shadow and show the people how different her personality is.

Many women recognize the Duchess as their role model. When she appears at an event, a gala dinner or when she fulfils her royal engagements, Catherine shows genuine kindness, charm, sense of humor and very caring nature. She is always willing to get closer to the public and listen to what they have to say with a smile. She always has time for the people that have come to see her as she knows that some probably travelled a long way to catch a glimpse of her. She is hard working and very intelligent and she always manages to be stylish. Her outfits are elegant, modern but yet traditional, showing women that the style hides within. She is quickly becoming a fashion icon and her fashion choices are always approved by the public and the journalists. She often recycles her outfits and gives them new life by adding accessories which are always tastefully selected. She often shops from high-street cheap brands, which are accessible to all of us. This shows that money doesn't create style - you have to carry it within.

sisterhood challengeKate, Duchess of Cambridge, fulfilled the dream of many girls who wish to marry a Prince and live happily ever after. Their story however was pretty much a normal love story that probably most of us experienced without the royal tag to it. The couple has been dating for 9 years before they got married. During that time they had their fall outs but in the end, their love bonded them to be together forever. Even though she was dating a royalty, Catherine got on with her life. In 2007, she took part in the ‘'Sisterhood Challenge''. Through the years she had participated in many fundraising events too.

Family is of huge importance to the Duchess of Cambridge and she keeps her family very close to her life. Prince George is equally involved with the two sides of her family and she has always said that she wants him to have as normal life as possible. Her, William and baby George are portraying the perfect family. They try to live a normal life and they want their children to be down to earth too.

Catherine Middleton received great education and she achieved a History of Art degree at St Andrews where she met Prince William. She has always been involved with helping charities and participating in important events but ever since she has become Duchess, she is constantly working towards helping others. She is involved with big and small charities some of which are often overlooked by other celebrities. Catherine has been a victim of bullying at school when she was young, which resulted in her switching schools to escape the problem. Now she is involved in anti-bullying campaigns and helps children, who have fallen victims of bullies to cope with the problem. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge requested money to be donated to anti-bullying charities instead of presents for their wedding.

kate royal fairy talebaby george

Catherine always knows what to say and she always says the right thing. She is very appreciative and considerate of others and she is very glad for all the support she is given by the press and the public. She and Prince William are modernizing the British Royal Family and bringing it closer to the public.

The Duchess of Cambridge is the pearl in the British Crown - she brings a breath of fresh air to the royal family with her kindness, modesty and passion to help others. She is a fashion icon and a great mother and wife.

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