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The 5 Secrets of Royal Mum, Kate Middleton

‘'Being a mum - the only job that matters'' - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

It is a shame that Her Majesty realized that in her 80s as she has always been the Queen first and then the mother. We say that it is better late than never and we can just imagine how the Queen gives motherly advice to Kate and Wills.

Kate Middleton is the Royal mum that is constantly on the first pages of every tabloid. She is young, beautiful and she seems to do everything effortlessly. When she became a mum a year ago, the whole world was certainly staring at all the steps she would take. It is normal for us, the commoners, to be interested in seeing how the Royals do it. This is the reason why we have decided to dig a little deeper in Kate's life to see how she manages to find the perfect balance between motherhood and her official engagements whilst still looking amazing.

1. Parenting advice on the internet


Yes, even the Royals use the World Wide Web to seek answers to their questions concerning parenthood. Catherine Middleton is one of the Royal mums who often use Google to find answers to their questions. She shared that all of her friends also use it as a source of gathering information. At the end of the day even the royals are ordinary parents like us who like to google things like breastfeeding, first teeth, colitis remedies, etc. Catherine and William have always said they would like to raise their children much differently than the Royal traditional way. That is why they don't have numerous nannies looking after the Prince and this was seen during their visit to New Zealand.

2. Bonding with the new born


Even though they are extremely busy, the Royal couple thinks that bonding with your child is one of the most important things in the world. Princess Diana was the first one to break the Royal tradition and breastfed. Before her, no Royal mother has breastfed and as typical example we can put here Queen Victoria who thought breastfeeding was disgusting. Diana also insisted that her children were spending as much time as possible with her and she wanted them to attend public school and she has often been spotted taking them to McDonalds! Queen Elizabeth on the other hand never really bonded with her children. As Prince Charles recalls even when she came back from a long commonwealth tour, she never gave him a hug but rather allowed him to kiss her hand. It sounds unbelievable but sadly it is the truth. We can now see why it was so important for Diana to break the Royal traditions and give her children a ‘'normal'' life.

3. Living a normal life


Kate and William will undoubtedly go way farther than Diana was able to. That's because there's nothing that William loves more than living a "normal" life. The couple adores the time spent in their Anglesey home in Wales. There, Kate can be an ordinary housewife who cooks dinners for her husband and shops at the local supermarkets. Prince William loves living the common life and Kate is the perfect woman for him to live it with. No wonder he is a hands-on dad who is changing diapers regularly. A year after Prince George was born we can see that Kate makes sure to involve him in all things ordinary - playdates with her best friends' kids, family dinners and many hugs and kisses showing the little one love and affection.

4. Fitness and Diet


Having a very young baby is always a challenging task that needs your full attention. Losing the baby weight is a nightmare and takes some women years and years of sweating in the gym. Kate Middleton has a figure that most women would kill for and just a month after she gave birth, her post baby weight seems to have disappeared. How did she do it? The answer is simple and easy - breastfeeding! Yes, breastfeeding is the easiest and simplest way to lose that baby weight. As a hands-on mum, Kate decided to breastfeed Prince George, which was good not only for the bonding between mother and child but also for the amazing weight loss. For the protocol, breastfeeding burns between 500 and 700 calories per day. Of course, she only breastfed for a few months due to her busy schedule and now she keeps in shape with regular workouts and her dedication to various sports like swimming, cycling, tennis, walking etc. When she has the time to hit the gym she loves toning her back muscles and arms. The regular yoga exercises and the low-carb diet have helped her to get rid of 29 pounds 3 months after she gave birth!

5. Radiant and stylish


Kate's figure is just perfect! She is tall, slim and toned and these are the reasons why she makes every outfit a style statement. Various designers have the honor to dress Kate, however, for her daily wear she relies on Topshop and Barbour - evidence that fashion doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.

The Duchess is also blessed with very lustrous and thick mane who she styles herself sometimes. She has asked her hair stylist Arabella Preston to give her some lessons which are helping her a lot from what we can see for her hairdo is always perfect. Her tip is to blow dry your hair to achieve bouncy and shiny soft curls. If you want to prevent rough or split ends, then Kate advises to trim your hair every 6 weeks. This will help it look full of volume and appear shiny.

So, regular blow dries and care is the answer to beautiful looking hair. But how does Kate manage to look so effortlessly beautiful and have such perfect skin? Her secret is the occasional facial with Bee Venom by Debora Mitchell which imparts the ‘'forever young'' look on the skin and doesn't let the sleepless nights she spends by her new born and the fatigue caused by them to show on her skin and face thus allowing her to always look glowing. For the everyday care, the Duchess relies on Karin Herzog. She uses their Professional Cleanser, spot zapper and face cream. She moisturizes with Pure and Natural by Nivea Visage. Her simple but very effective make up is quick and easy and she does it herself! She uses foundation, bronzer and blush by Bobbi Brown, eyeliner and mascara by Lancôme and concealer pen by YSL.

These are Kate's little secrets to motherhood and to flawless appearance. She has shown us all how to maintain ourselves in top shape through the pregnancy days and after that. Her 3 month weight loss, which included a lot of dance, yoga, various workouts and a balanced diet, is simply inspiring. Kate believes that eating in moderation and choosing food that nourishes the body is the key to a healthy lifestyle!

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