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Ten lost skills the modern man should remember

Living in a time of smartphones and televisions, our generation is lucky to live alongside incredible technology. Even so, there’s still something appealing about how things used to be done. Whether you’re spinning your favourite record on vinyl or having your best mate’s number memorised, some small things have been lost with modern technology. Here’s ten of Sons’ favourite things that have been lost to time and that we believe that men should know.

Know your location

Understanding your direction in life is important in more ways than one. Being aware of true north at all times can assist you in many situations, as well as being very impressive. Whether you’re stuck in the woods or struggling with phone signals, figuring our true north from the stars or reading the position of the sun in the sky is a great skill to have.

Learn how to change a tire

In our experience, not many of us really know how a car works. Having the ability to change a flat tyre is not only easier to learn than you’d think, but will come in very handy throughout your life. Next time you’re on that rural road trip, you won’t have to worry about breaking down in the middle of the woods.

Memorise poetry

Memorising poetry off by heart is one of life’s small pleasures. Unfortunately, this skill has become lost as of late. A poem you can read off in your mind becomes a deeper and more important part of you than you would’ve thought. Whether you need an uplift in hard times or you want to give someone else some motivation, having your favourite poems handy in your head is very fulfilling.

Raise a proper fire

With matches, firelighters and pre-cut wood, building fires has become way too easy in modern times. Having the skills to create a fire from scratch is a useful survival skill, while also providing a link back to our roots. The importance of fire for mankind is undeniable and carrying on that tradition is very satisfying.

Tell a tale

For thousands of years, telling stories has been an important part of our culture. With recent waves of technological development, the tradition of telling tales face to face is going out of fashion. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the pub or putting your kids to bed, the skill of telling your stories is useful and rewarding.

Growing a proper beard

Look at most men in black and white photos, and you’ll often see a full bushy beard. Whilst the beard has made somewhat of a comeback in recent years, we think more men should give it a go. If you struggle to grow thick facial hair to create that classic bearded look, opting for a more modern technique might be the answer – some men are now using Minoxidil on their facial hair to help fill out bald patches.


Staying handy around the house is something that everyone should keep up. There’s something truly satisfying about fixing that squeaky door or building a new shelf for your children’s bedrooms. If you don’t naturally lean towards DIY, there’s plenty of videos online to help you out. Remember – you never stop learning when it comes to DIY, so don’t be disheartened if you’re unsure about something.


First impressions count, we all know that. Dressing sharply even at casual events seems to be more of a lost art as of late. Why not go out and buy yourself a fresh suit to level up your look? You’ll stand out from the crowd and lift your confidence immediately if you’re looking good too. Get down to your local suit shop!


Taking a father/son fishing trip down to the river on a fresh Sunday morning is one of life’s little pleasures. If you stopped fishing as you’ve drifted into adulthood, we’d recommend picking it up again! Fishing can be extremely relaxing and even meditative – grab your fishing rod, set your alarm and take a comfortable seat by the river. Who knows – you might even catch something big.


We’ve all seen those pictures from the 1950s of couples dancing together. How often does slow, romantic dancing happen these days? Take back that lost skill and go to some dancing classes with your partner. Dancing can lift your mood and massively and will inevitably bring you closer to your partner.

In our opinion, some of the skills we seem to be leaving behind are more important than ever. While none of us are going to be ditching our phones and living in the forest just yet, these five old skills should help you get back in touch with the past and present.

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