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Stunning Olivia Colman – Golden Globe 2019

She has already claimed her Golden Globe Award for best actress. And she will be having many more awards for the upcoming ceremonies. Some clearly saw that Oscar Nomination happening! She is still at the “tender” age of 44. Call her Olivia Colman, Olivia or Queen Anne. It is by the performance of Queen Anne that she reached star status and got the title of Best Actress.

Olivia Colman could be among the many actresses that know acting! Expect top performance when she is on screen! Colman first caught the attention of the audience with sitcoms like Peep Show and Webb Look. She portrayed the wife of Tom Hollander’s priest in a sitcom, Rev, acquiring great success. Her role in the show was simply well taken by the audience.

Yet, there was more in the actress, for sure! She gave a thrilling performance in Tyrannosaur film of 2011. The audience had seen her before in comical roles… roles that would fit a drama-driven character and be sarcastic at numerous times. Things were different with this one! Her dramatic skills, expressions and acting portrayed the perfect, submissive and abused wife. Such an act brought her in the limelight!

Drama and comedy were filled in the years to come. Olivia Colman gave a big hit performance on Broadchurch. Her acting in the crime drama made her return home with a Bafta the following year! It seemed that she did not enjoy being the silent woman for some of her movies. Imagine Olivia Colman as a glorious and hideous stepmother. One that has an attitude and doesn’t care what you think of her. That’s what she portrayed in Fleabag. Being hideous got her another Bafta TV nomination!

First role as a spy boss in a glossy drama? Bring it on. Olivia will ace the performance. Like she did on The Night Manager. It won her the first Golden Globe Award for best-supporting actress in 2017. Way to go Coleman!

Two years! Only two years later, she is now with another Golden Globe award. Thanks to the performance as the fragile yet glamourous Queen Anne! Olivia Colman is a strong female figure, like Wonder Woman! Is she the wonder woman of acting?

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She got the nickname, Queen Of The World for winning the Best Actress Award for the Oscars 2019. Praised for her acting on The Favourite, she graced the stage with a beautiful dark green dress with grey draperies before accepting her Oscar.

This was the moment that many would tag as the best acceptance speech in the history of the Academy! She took the mic, shaking and sobbing while she wiped her nose. She said, “Ooh, it’s genuinely quite stressful! This is hilarious… I got an Oscar!”

Olivia paid tribute to Glenn Close and proceeded to hug and kiss Lady Gaga who looked at her as a disciple of her acting skills.

She then followed to get the people laughing with her backstage interview following her Oscar Win! While the announcer gave numbers to the reporters to that they all get a chance to ask their questions, Olivia Colman was just confused, thinking that it was a round of bingo going on!

The last reporter just couldn’t hold herself from asking, “What would Queen Anne say to you right now?”

And there was a golden response on behalf of Coleman, as she boasted herself in pride, “Have some cake! Enough cake to make you sick!”

Whether you are a fan of Olivia Colman or not, you cannot deny that she is one of the best actresses in 2019. The Oscar Award function proved that she deserved to be rewarded for her skills! Surely, she will be featured in much more movies in the upcoming years and millions would love to see her back on stage with another depiction of a queen of English history! Let us see how much more awards does The Favourite take home! After all, Queen Anne could do some awards… even if she was brittle and all…

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