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Race to Lead: Creating Opportunities for Women of Color

By 2060, women of color will make up the majority of all American women. It’s high time we realize they are a force in the US economy and hold the potential to be more should they get equal economic, social, and academic opportunities.

Countries seeking to grow need to address the issues of economic exclusion and legal discrimination against these women. Providing them access to education, health, and social, economic, and political rights is more than a moral imperative.

When women gain education, earn good money, and get leadership opportunities, they lift themselves and their families, contributing to the country’s economy.

While many companies have started taking a standby promoting a culture of inclusion and equality, we need more communities and organizations to come together to support women of color and become their voice.

One such non-profit organization doing an exemplary job is Sukarya. It is run by the very talented and compassionate Meera Satpathy.

Introducing Meera Satpathy: A Non-Profit Leader Committed to Improving the Lives of Women Worldwide

After witnessing the living conditions of the people in Indian slum areas, Meera Satpathy pledged to help and support marginalized women, children, and adolescent girls through her non-profit organization, Sukarya.

Sukarya aims to empower women, improve maternal and child health, and promote gender equality in the country and across the world. While little to no financial or moral support to transform her vision into reality, Meera stood against all odds and founded an organization that has changed the lives of numerous women to date.

Sukarya is not just a developmental organization focusing on women’s health but also an empowerment initiative that raises awareness for women of color.

Soon enough, Meera also helped established Sukarya USA, a Seattle-based non-profit, to support the programs and activities of the organization in India. She is focused on growing her organization globally.

Indeed, the world needs more empathetic and compassionate leaders like Meera Satpathy.

She is the epitome of passion, perseverance, enthusiasm, and commitment. Recently, she was featured in Amazon’s no.1 best-selling book, “Why She Must Lead: Bridging the Gap Between Opportunities and Women of Color”, written by Vasudha Sharma.

The well-deserved feature gave Meera a platform to amplify her voice and raise awareness about gender equality on a global level. Because of its tremendous work of educating and empowering adolescent girls in the urban slums of India during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sukarya became a partner NGO of the Girls Opportunity Alliance, a program under the Obama Foundation to educate girls all across the world.

We must take inspiration from Meera’s work and join hands to promote gender equality and connect women with the opportunities they deserve.

In a world where women of color are expected to take menial roles and work harder than men and even more than non-Hispanic and white women, we must speak up and play our part in putting an end to racial and gender bias.

Women of color are essential to the growth of workplaces and the success of their families. If we want to see our country and the world thrive, we need to empower women.

You can read more about how more opportunities for leadership positions can be bridged for women of color in modern workplaces and how we all can play a role in promoting fairness and equity in Vasudha’s book. It brings together different voices and perspectives to provide a broad picture to enlighten readers on the reality of the situation. It also presents actionable strategies for overcoming the challenges to true equality in the workplace.

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