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Pros and Cons of Cross-Cultural Marriage

cross-cultural-marriagesCross-cultural marriages have become norm given the turning of the world into a global village. The factors contributing to this are either whirlwind romance or internet-based dating. This becomes an issue because when different cultures merge, for the families involved it is nuisance to deal with the cultural clash.

Why I say this is due to the added stress these relationships entail. Family lives are already disturbed nowadays and on top of that boom, cross-cultural bride or groom! In isolation marrying, a person from a different culture can be a great joyride and an adventure of a lifetime.

In the start, it may pose problems in terms of special, new and strange ones but there is a silver lining to it. They can be viewed as something exciting and challenging. Don’t we all like a challenge every now and then? What’s in a run-of-the-mill life anyways?

The above was about perspective but if we talk the real talk we might find that often times cross-cultural marriages are a source of anger, pain and hurt. You can understand it as a whole new level of confusion.

Especially when it comes to bringing up children, cross-cultural marriages can prove to be an awkward mix for the children. They get caught up in what cultural or behavioral patterns to follow; either from father’s side or mother’s. A true ordeal for young minds, if you ask me because it requires a great deal of awareness on parents’ part to consider before they sign up for this long-term commitment.

On the plus side, the cross-cultural impact can fruitful too as it broadens up their minds. How many children get to experience the blend of some foreign and some local cultures? Refer to If parents speak their respective native tongues, children pick on the bi-lingual trait which is a thing of demand these days – knowing and being fluent in a more than one language.

Apart from children if we genuinely look past the pleasantries of the cross-cultural union we will see that the cultural gap can alone put a dent in relations. You won’t be able to appreciate each other’s sense of humor for starters which is essential for a thriving relationship.

Then there is the difference of how each culture value time, work ethics, maintaining eye contact, learning and their concept of public affection. In an interracial married couple lives, the issues are two-fold. The biggest drawback to such a mix marriage can be that one of the parties may be subjected to racial discrimination.

Although the love and respect are at the helm of any married couple, the factors above can’t be ignored. You can get along extremely well just if your bonding is strong but if you try seeking on how compatible my partner is for me once you are married its downhill. See so there are just not societal pressures, your second guessing as well can make your relationship implode.

At times, the other person may not necessarily go along with your existing circle of friends and family. But, personally, I find this argument weak as there are no guarantees that marrying someone from your own culture will not have a similar feeling towards your circle of friends. Hence, it’s flawed but nonetheless an argument where you may be forced to make difficult choices.

Moreover, cross-cultural marriages lead to visiting different country, forming cross-cultural friendships, meanwhile trying new foods, movies, music etc. Attending festivals enables you to widen your view of the world. So yeah 50-50 chances of a stable and happy married life.

On a concluding note; a lifetime might not be enough to know the person completely. Every day you learn something new. However, not all that you learn might be interesting.


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