The Dark Sides of Obamacare

The medical Insurance and Administrative sector offer a variety of privileges to the patients including, various types of health coverages and exemptions as well. It has changed how the medical practice industry functions-the patients are treated with more efficiency and focus, since the doctors and practitioners have more time to dedicate to their practice while the coding and billing works are outsourced.

During the initial phase of release, the official website where in applicants and other users were supposed to shop and browse for their insurance packages, face severe overload issues due to which many people could not register within the allotted period.
Despite several attempts to fix the website errors, the server was unable to handle the sudden inflow of traffic, said to be over 100 000 users.

Rigorous attempts were made to fix and contain the issue, but to no avail. However, with time, the website was redesigned and optimized from the backend to handle heavy traffic and server loads. The technical side recovered allowing smoother transaction and overall user interaction improved.

However, the most recurrent complaint against health insurance procedures and coverages is that it is not affordable for everyone. Now, it is important to understand that, health, food, water and property are some of the basic amenities that is a right of every citizen irrespective of their social and financial status. Hence, this issue quickly escalated and soon enough, the Obama government took measures to mitigate the situation.
The government passed the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare in 2010 to deal with the issue. However, after its implementation, things grew worse and left most of the lawmakers and experts in a daze. As of now, the act is still in place and citizens are growing weary, under its influence, every day. Many voices are left hanging in the dark.

So what is this Obamacare and how did it make things worse when it was implemented with the intention of providing affordable health care provisions for everyone. Lets Find out.


Decoding the Obamacare Situation

Obamacare was passed by the president and the mandates within the Act, are treated as Tax according to the Supreme Court. The crux here being, if the President decides to challenge the Supreme Court's decision of treating the mandates as taxes, then as per the law, the act will be nullified. On the flipside, which is how it is as of now, if the President goes with the mandates being treated as taxes, then it is hurting the American citizens hard, causing a unified dislike towards the government for implementing such a scheme.

The Act came in with certain benefits that the government believed to be beneficial for its citizens. However, along with those benefits, came its share of disadvantages too. But, as things stand, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

How Obamacare is impacting the common man

1. Although the Affordable Care Act enables millions of uninsured individuals to afford high quality health insurance benefits, however in order to compensate for the investment made in making these insurances available to the millions, the government imposed new taxes (mostly for the high income circle) such as the individual mandate and employer mandate.

2. Obamacare promises low cost to free insurance benefits under its provisions for the common citizen, however the strict policy of having to register by January in order to avail the benefits and coverage of the scheme, tends to create a lot of complications as there are various guidelines and processes that are required to be followed and not every person willing to avail the same, can do it by the deadline provided. As a result, those who miss out on the deadline need to wait the entire year, in order to avail the benefits. Also, those who fail to register by January, are not exempted from the taxes and inturn have to pay various other taxes, made mandatory by the government.

3. Medicaid is increased upto 15.9 million men, women and children who fall below 138% of the poverty line. However, since Medicaid is taken out from the State and Federal funds, and not all states are obligated to enable the funding for medicaid expansion, around 5.7million poor people are left without any form of coverage to avail, thereby impacting their health and wellbeing seriously.

Other Pain-points of Obamacare

1. Religious insensitivity-By the Obamacare decree, all religious institutions will have to provide free sterilization, contraceptives, and abortion-inducing drugs to their employees, without sparing a thought for the religious sentiments and beliefs.

2. Higher Taxes-In order to compensate for the Obamacare insurance coverage, a higher rate of taxes are levied and also introduced, which have a direct hit on Medical, Insurance and Real Estate verticals.

3. Individual Practitioners avoiding Patients-Due to the heavy cost cutting on medicare provision as well as significant fee reductions for all the insurance covered individuals, individual and unaffiliated medical practitioners started rejecting patients simply because they do not find it worth their time or effort to treat these patients. This is one of the most critical drawbacks that is impacting the health of the citizens.

All in all Obamacare can be considered as an Act introduced with the right intention; but with a few controversial guidelines and processes that have resulted in this huge negative impact that the citizens of America are facing today.

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