Montenegro opens borders, and COVID is not a hindrance

Montenegro opens its borders for tourists again. On May 17, the authorities of Montenegro decided to accept travelers, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

This fact was announced personally by Zdravko Krivokapić, the Prime Minister of Montenegro. Moreover, as an additional measure to attract tourists, the Montenegrin Ministry of Health promised to conduct free PCR tests for everyone who leaves the state if the results of such a test are required in the country of arrival. Montenegro also guaranteed treatment for all tourists who got the COVID while on holiday in the country — medical services will be free.

This decision of the Montenegrin government was made just after the WHO announced that the COVID-19 pandemic could end by early 2022. Furthermore, the opening of borders in Montenegro means that soon the famous ski resorts of this country will again be flooded with a dense flow of tourists and robust financial incomes. For investors, this is an excellent time to contribute to one of these resorts and get a share in the profitable business and a passport of a European country.

Montenegrin passport by investment

Until the end of 2021, a citizenship-by-investment program is operating in Montenegro. Its rules are straightforward: you need to buy a share in one of the government-approved resorts in the country’s southern or northern region and get a Montenegrin passport.

How much should you invest?

There are resorts in the south and north of the country to choose from. The southern options require an investment of €450,000. Northern ski resorts are cheaper — €250,000. Moreover, you will need to pay a non-refundable contribution to the government fund — the additional €100,000.

Please note! The contribution is required, whichever investment option you choose.

What resorts can you invest in?

The Migronis experts have analyzed all the objects approved by the government and have selected the best ones.

Hotel Breza is a five-star hotel in the north of Montenegro, close to the famous ski resort Kolasin.

Bianca Resorts & Spa is an eight-story hotel with 117 rooms near Belasitsa mountain, next to the national park of Montenegro — Biogradska Gora.

Durmitor Hotel and Villas is a hotel in the Durmitor National Park that offers luxury rooms and cozy mountain villas. It is being built on the site of an architectural monument — the Durmitor hotel, built in 1939.

Bjelasica 1450 is a four-star hotel, part of an exclusive ski resort in the middle of a virgin Alpine forest.

What are the limitations?

Montenegro imposes on investors who want to acquire a passport of this country the minimum requirements. So the applicant must:

  • not have citizenship of the European Union
  • not be subject to sanctions, including a travel ban, by the EU countries, the United States, the UK, and Canada
  • not have a criminal record and should not be under investigation
  • confirm the legality of the origin of the funds to be invested
  • have an ideal personal and business reputation
  • have a good and stable credit history.

How complicated is the process?

The whole procedure is relatively simple. Obtaining citizenship with Migronis (a licensed migration agency) is much safer and helps you avoid unpleasant surprises and minor troubles. The Migronis specialists take on most of the issues, collect documents, translate and apostille them, and accompany the investor throughout the entire procedure. So within six months, the Montenegrin passport will be successfully issued.

If you have any questions, please ask below!