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Online World-Perfect Platforms for Indie Filmmakers

indie-filmEver thought how the art of film making acquired so much of popularity? Well, why would not it rank high amongst the recognition charts? Blending Happiness, laughter, sorrow, thrill is indeed a delight to watch. Ask a movie buff about what interests them the most about their favorite click and you are probably to be stuck with them for an hour. While you think that commercial flicks are going up the radar, you are horribly mistaken. Art films like Welcome to the Family, The Confession, Martain and Laura go Geocoaching are also creating quite the impetus. If you are the kind that believes in weaving magic with through motion pictures, then you are on the right platform. The online world is free to giving independent filmmakers the chance they deserve!

Picture this: making a movie of your preferred genre, roping in the best actors, giving it the best effects and uploading it. Sounds like you are trying to satiate the online audiences’ need for entertainment, right? There is a slight catch to this little upload of yours. Your work will be reviewed by all those who have well donned the hat of critics. That sure will give you room for improvement and make you better in the field of independent filmmaking, right? You might be wondering as to where will you get hold of the appropriate resources. Here is a little heads up on the same:

1) Film riot Video Channel: Want to know why Dark Knight is also associated with brilliant VFX? Unleash the inquisitive you by surfing this intellectually stimulating site. The channel will hone quite your technical and cinematography skills. The resources and techniques will help you unravel the secret behind the many marvelous scenes.

2) SBIFF Director Panel: Wish to learn what goes on in the mind of the elite filmmakers? Well, here is a little window for the once- in-a- lifetime opportunity. Get all the information you want from the most eminent panelist.

3) IMDB: Ever heard of a site that can be passed off as an encyclopedia when it comes to films? If not, then here is something that will enlighten you. The Web page boosts of hoarding the maximum information about films.

4) and the ultimate paradise for all the budding indie film makers. You want tips, insights and they readily provide you with it!

5) The Filmmakers Eye: It beckons all the indie filmmakers who have a story in mind but are puzzled about the execution part. The book teaches you that filmmaking is all about the right choices of shots!

6) Making Movies: You are sure to treasure this book for years! Coming from one of the most celebrated directors, it has acquired acclaim as a professional memoir. Stumbling upon excerpts from Long Day’s Journey and Night to the Verdict will be quite common!

7) The Five Cs of Cinematography: The name in itself is self-explanatory but here is a quick heads up on the topic. Following are the elements that it mainly revolves around: camera angles, continuity, close ups, cutting, and composition.

The next time you feel like becoming the next Woody Allen, take some notes from the above references!

Indiefilmshare ( is a company that wishes to give the talent of indie filmmakers a platform. They ensure that their work is given a genuine review by the eminent panel.They also provide tips on better film making and cinematography.

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