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New Year’s Eve Decisions Which are Always a Good Start

Big Ben-New Years EveFor those who are ready and willing to improve their live in 2014, the New Year’s Eve decisions are of primary importance. This is actually the first important step in achieving your ambitions. Nowadays, the lack of written rules in the society means that it’s widely accepted to pick up losing weight as an ambition for the upcoming year. However, most of your diligence lasts no more than 3 months and after the first few weeks of spring, you will most likely lose the routine of weight lifting and tread mill running. Well, actually, making a decision before New Year is not useless. Here are 5 New Year’s Eve decisions which are always a good start.

Going to the Gym More Often

OK, here is the most predictable one. Of course, if you live on fast food and your car is already too small for you, this decision is crucial for you. Some people are too lazy to visit the gym, while others are shy. One good option is to lift weights at home. You don’t need the whole set. Just purchase the most compact pieces and the rest can be achieved by swimming and jogging.

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Minimise the Stress

The plague of our society is not something special like cancer or AIDS. Most of the diseases come as a consequence of unbalanced, unhealthy lifestyle. You can try to sleep more and the results will show up very fast. The Chinese say that the human body needs at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. This means at least 8 hours in bed, because of the distractions. To minimise the latter, turn off your cellphone and all other electronic devices. If you have a TV set in the bedroom, remove it! Remove it now!

Eat Organic Food

This is hard to achieve. In many countries eating organic food will cost you more money than eating junk food. Read more about balanced diets and don’t follow old concepts. For example, eating red meat is not considered bad for your cardiovascular system any more, thank God!

Reading Books Instead of Wikipedia

Reading books is just like reading the references of Wikipedia - instead of the finished product (which is rather dull), you acquire the raw materials and see how the things work. If you are a proud owner of big library with dozens of book that nobody reads, shame on you! Start reading these books - not tomorrow, not the next year, now!

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