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Most Beautiful Women in Live Cricket Streaming

okoMen always remain famous in the cricket profession. Now women are also participating in every field of life. They can be seen in almost all sports. Even you can watch them in the international matches of cricket. Therefore I have collected a list of most famous and the most beautiful women cricketer. They are enjoying their profession as well as getting huge fame from all over the world. Furthermore, you can also enjoy their live matches on cricket streaming web platform.

It is the list of glamorous and lovely ladies that are earning huge amount of money in cricket profession. You will enjoy this listing. This listing will show you beauty is not limited to showbiz. You can also see it in sports.

1-Ellyse Perry

An Australian most beautiful woman cricketer Ellyse Perry was born in third November 1990. She has lovely eyes and hairs with a beautiful complexion. In the age of 16, she has started her career. She played the first international match of cricket in the year of 2007. Further, she is the most beautiful youngest player and the preventative of the Australian team of women cricket.

2-Laura Marsh

She was born in five December 1986, United Kingdom. Laura is famous as an English woman cricketer. She has played first time at a very younger age of eleven. As a spinner, she is very famous. She played matches as a Rubies representative. In 2006, she played her test match against the Indian women team. Furthermore, in the year 2008, she was in the England team. In short, she is a beautiful woman cricketer and famous in women cricket profession globally.

3-Holly Ferling

Cute and beautiful Holly Ferling was born on 22 December 1995. She is an Australian woman cricketer. In 2013, she has started her career. The first time she played the national cricket match of women in 2013. She is famous because of her right-arm-fast-medium bowling. In 2013 she has participated world cup women cricket matches. She has a record of getting nine wickets at the 10.55 average ratios. At the age of fourteen (14), she has debuted in the grade men cricket team at Queensland. She got the hat trick within her three bawling. Shortly, she is a tall and beautiful female cricketer.

4-Sarah Jane

May 20, 1989, is the Sara Jane Taylor date of birth. She is also very cute with beautiful bold eyes. She is UK famous English female cricketer. Wicketkeeper woman Sarah is popular for her stroke style of playing. In the international second one-day match, she has won the one and twenty scores. She is famous globally in the women cricket as a female strong wicketkeeper.

5-Meghann Moira

An Australian female cricketer Meghann Moira was born on 25 March 1992. She is famous because of her good batting. She is beautiful as well as a wonderful female cricketer. Therefore perform as an opening batswoman. Her complexion is blushing with beautiful eyes. She is beautiful like an actor or superstar. In 2008 she debuted as a victorian spirit against the cricket Scorpion team of South Australia. Furthermore, in the year of 2012, she participated in National cricket league of women. She has broken the record of 175/142 balls. Previously it was set by the female cricketer Karen Rolton on 142 balls and scores of 173.

6-Sana Mir

Beautiful black eyes Sana Mir is the Pakistan women cricket captain. She was born in five January 1986 in Pakistan. She belongs to Kashmiri family. In Asian cricket tournament 2010, 2014 she has won the tow gold medals. Therefore is a famous cricketer of Pakistan and also famous globally. Sana has also won the PCB Woman award of a cricketer in the year 2013. In short, she is a successful female cricketer with strong professional career success in cricket.

Have you liked these beautiful female cricketers? If yes, then you can also watch their cricket matches from live cricket streaming sites. As you know this is the age of the internet. Therefore it has become very easy and comfortable to watch your favorite sport and games live through streaming websites.

I am confident you have liked these beautiful and lovely women cricketer. Furthermore, you can comment below about them, their career growth and the performance etc.

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