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Importance of Language in a Country or Society's Culture

The words that we speak in our daily lives to communicate with each other are a way to let others know what we want, feel, wish and do. They are also the only way we can tell each other about our identity, who we are and where we belong. These words that we speak to each other collectively are called a language. Language is the way an individual in a society, city and country speaks to another. Since there are so many different countries, societies and cultures in this world, different languages represent these cultures and societies.

Tiny_Languages_mainEven in one country, you can find different languages equally important. The number of languages spoken in a particular country or a society often also represents the kind of diversity that the society has and it is always a welcoming idea to have a diverse group of people living around you. Not only you get better with people management and contributions to society, but diverse people also means that your society is growing and people like to live here. A culture of one country is based on different elements and language is one of those very important elements. Today's guest post blog is going to talk about the importance of language in a country's culture.

It is a medium of social interaction

Besides, signs and different gestures in a culture, language is one of the primary tools of social interaction in the culture. If there is no language, interaction within the culture will be limited and this means that your culture will never be friendly enough. Social interaction within the culture is one of the healthy signs of a booming culture in the country, as it helps individuals get better in their relationships, find opportunities and express to others about their feelings.

Language is an experience

When you travel abroad to any other international or foreign country from your own, the first noticeable difference you will find is the language. From the way the words are spelled, pronounced and dialect of talking, everything will be different. This means that language is not just a mere collection of words, but it is a whole new experience for someone who is interacting with a new culture for the first time. This not only makes language one of the primary and most important tools in the culture, but also something that must always be respected if you have to learn and respect other cultures.

Language is personality

Language adds flavor to your personality. One reason why British accent and language is loved globally is because of the sophistication it brings to your personality. Russians are considered aggressive because of their nature of speaking. So this means language creates different flavors of personality in the individuals living and surviving in a culture.

Language is communication

Finally, language is the only tool to communicate within the culture. Whether it is a customer buying something or a speaker speaking about leadership, language is the only way to communicate with the people around you.

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