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How to Pose for the Camera

Posing for the camera can be an arduous affair for many. It can be a daunting experience finding the best pose for you and your body. Luckily, we have some tips that will change daunting to flaunting. This article is here to help you fall in love with the camera and help you get the best out of your photobooth experience.

Tip One: Wing It

We were just talking about the dreaded bingo wing, weren't we? Wondering how on earth we can keep it from popping up time and time again in your pictures. Well here's the rest of this tips! If you hold your arms out from your body and place one of your arms on your hip and the other you pull back behind a friend you'll immediately remove the surface area from the area of the picture. The less there is of your arms to see the less that you'll worry about! As long as you keep the focus on your smile and face there's no problem here.

The key components of this pose are: Put those shoulders back! But not so far that you look like you've dislocated your neck, please.

Tip Two: Shoulder On

The top tip for the day is to pull your shoulders back. Sure, but how exactly do you do it without making it look like you're presenting for roll call in the army?? The key is to pull em back as far as you can while still looking and feeling natural, and just don't let your ribs show - because this is a really tell-tale key to giving it all away. And the last thing you want to do is let people know that you're posing! This is supposed to be an oh-so-natural look that just happened to come together when the shutter was pushed down! If your ribs are showing it's a no-no, but anything before that should look natural.

The key components of this pose are: No ribs, no ribs, no ribs. Just very graceful and slightly, ever so slightly less stomach. But no ribs.

Tip Three: Now you see me…

Ok, we're getting a little more advanced here, so this one if only if you have a mate to practice with or excellent self-censorship. If you fail this one, you look stupid. If you pull it off however, you will look like a goddess forever (maybe not forever, but at least for your photo). This is one of the top tricks used by swimwear models, starlets, anyone who's ever walked on a red carpet, you name it… It's called the look away, and this is how it goes: You look away. Not for ages, just as if something so interesting has caught your eye just off camera and made you smile, maybe even a half smile, maybe even a hint of a smirk, and then you just KNEW there was going to be another picture, so you look back just in time to direct your half-secret off camera smile to the lens. Perfection. Your smile will look fresh as a daisy and not pasted on. You MUST practice this one though to ensure the right angle of your smile doesn't make you look like a serial killer and makes you look like Angelina instead.

The key components of this pose are: Making sure that when you look away it looks genuine, and then when you look back it's at exactly the right moment, otherwise your fake smile will become a held smile, thus negating ever looking away…

So there you have it. Five tips to follow to ensure you're babe-like, always and forever. You can thank us with a selfie.

If you have any questions, please ask below!