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Great Tips to Improve Your Dance Skills

While it would be fabulous to have a talented and exacting teacher like Craig Revel Horwood to ensure your dance skills continue to improve, most of us don't have the time or money for one-to-one instruction with celebrities. Nevertheless, the following tips will arm you with the know-how to make this the year to take your dance abilities to the next level, no matter what your experience or style.


A Good Dance Instructor is Key

While there is a wealth of dance instructors out there, do make sure they have good credentials and even more importantly that they communicate their expertise effectively in class. A good dance instructor is worth their weight in gold, because they will not only show you how to master steps and techniques, they are indispensable in spotting and correcting any mistakes that hold you back. It's advisable to do a trial class before outlaying money for an entire course - that way you can see for yourself whether the teacher is worth their salt. Whether you're new to the world of dance or have been attending to classes but are feeling like you're not progressing, it's worth it to take the time to do your research thoroughly until you find an inspiring and knowledgeable teacher.

Watch the Experts

In any skill, students benefit immensely by watching the masters at work. Get your hands on some classic dance movies as well as instructional DVDs - in addition to learning their techniques, closely watch things like body alignment and posture. Don't be put off by their seemingly effortless perfection, behind this illusion is years of extremely hard work. Simply try to learn even small things from the legends and incorporate them into your own dance style.

Good Technique Takes Dedication

Mastering technique is what separates the mediocre dancers from those who excel - top dancers spend their lives refining it. Instead of focussing on continuously learning new steps, it is best to concentrate on perfecting each step.

The Importance of Good Posture

Professional dancers, particularly ballet pros, can often be identified on the spot just by seeing their posture. Not only does excellent posture keep your spine in good health, it is the mark of a person who is conscious of how they carry their body - an important aspect if you're serious about dance. Good posture is the starting point of a good dancer, so as much as possible, be mindful of keeping a straight back with your shoulders pushed down and your head up.

Flexibility is Essential

Having a flexible body is absolutely essential to being able to dance well, so it is vital to practice stretching exercises daily. Your goal should be to move as if you're effortlessly gliding. Stretching is also indispensable before practising dance as it prevents body damage such as torn ligaments.


If the Shoe Fits

Dance shoes for each type of style are designed to protect the legs and feet as well as to enhance the abilities of the dancer. Never skimp on the right shoes if you take dancing seriously - they will help you progress and protect you from injury. If unsure as to what's best, your dance instructor will be able to advise you on the best brand and retail outlets. In addition to the right type of shoe, the right fit is crucial. For this reason, don't buy over the Internet, always go to a store where you can try the shoes on to make sure.

Relaxed Dance is Fluid and Fun

Without a doubt, the body performs best in movement when it is relaxed. This is another reason that sport and dance professionals train so much - they perfect the techniques so that they can perform in a relaxed way, without thinking. Always practice with this goal in mind, and before every dance session be sure to take some deep breathes so that you can unwind to the music.


Experts like Craig Revel Horwood agree that the above tips are key to progressing as a dancer. By taking this advice on board, you will be on track to improve your skills in no time.

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