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Giclee - an Innovator of Fine Art Reproduction

giclee_titleAn original piece of art is priceless. But now, home and corporate décor are getting new dimensions with the arts reproduced by Giclee-a new technology, which is creating a revolution in the fine art reproduction business.

It is true that the reproduction of art cannot match the quality of an original piece of art. It can neither achieve the mood nor the fine essences of the piece. But with the advent of giclee, the reproduction of arts and capturing the essence of the original art piece is becoming easier.

What is Giclee?

The term Giclee is derived from the French word glicer, which means ‘to spray'. It is actually a technology that was first applied in 1990, to ‘Iris Prints’, which was created on inkjet printer. This word now stands for the modern technology that is used for reproducing a piece of art.

Giclee, an advanced print making technology, generates images from high resolution digital scan. It then uses archival inks for the printing procedure. It prints on various substrates, which can be any material, archival paper, or canvas.

How Long will Giclee Prints Last?

Well, this is a question that might come to the minds of almost all art enthusiasts.

The high pigmented variety of ink is the most lasting one. But it cannot work with high resolution ink jet heads. That is why EnduraChroma archival ink is used with this technology. It lasts for a long period - for 75 years in water color papers and 25 years on canvas - under normal light and heat conditions.


Help Prints Last Longer with Special Care

If you need more longevity of the art works printed by giclee, then you need to take special care for it.

  • Don’t expose the art work in the sun. It will affect its lifespan.
  • Hang it in a room with perfect light setting.

A perfect artwork is a great addition to the room. It will give you years of pleasure and tons of appreciation from your guests, sometimes envious glances too. It is not the original piece of art, true. But that does not mean that it is not worthy of your attention.

Is Giclee Accepted in the Art World?

It is quite obvious to have such questions. And the answer is an emphatic yes. Giclee printed photos consist a part of collection of many prestigious museum, including the famous Metropolitan Museum of New York. Since it is very high quality printing method, it is universally recognized as well.

You must be wondering, are giclee print and iris print same?

Some people out there refer to giclee print as iris print. But let me tell you, they are not entirely similar. Giclee is a modified and improvised version of iris print. This kind of print does not last that much and hence, was actually invented for coloring posters. Iris print was not apt for using in fine arts. But the modified version of it, giclee print gave it a new life in the world of fine arts. It lasts more than the iris print and hence, is a preferred option for the artists.

Why Choose Giclee Print for Reproducing an Artwork?

Giclee print, with its excellent quality, is often appealing to the art lovers. At the same time, it does not have a glossy paper-like reflection. This perfectly suits the reproduction of fine arts pictures. This quality allows giclee printed reproductions to capture the fine detailing and colors of fine arts.


Since you are already planning to purchase a reproduction of giclee printing, you need to know about the disadvantages as well. It is an extremely updated technology that can create finer reproduction of art pieces. Giclee is often used or, may be, misused by the art forgers. They reproduce a rare piece of art and market it as a limited edition art piece. The unsuspecting buyers are often fooled by these frauds, as the experts who are capable enough to do that often fail. It can be highly expensive piece of art when you are buying. But when you are actually going to the market to sell it, you will probably find that you have gone to sell pebbles as diamond.

Giclee is useful when you are thinking to give a classy touch to the decor of your home or workplace. But be aware. Don't be fooled by its perfect use by the forgers.

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