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Find the Truth of Every Scene in an Actor's Studio

If you want to be an actor, you are probably doing it because you love it. It's one of those desires that can only come from deep within your heart and soul. That's because acting is not just a job, it'sa calling. If you want to develop the talent and skills required to become a great actor, they will have to be nurtured over time. You must be serious about your commitment to acting and be open to new opportunities. In any creative profession, the ability to enhance your skills and hone your craft is vital. Seeing out opportunities to perform and exposing yourself to new situations will help to broaden your range. If you dream of becoming a great actor, you have to be committed to taking your career as far as you can go.


Considering all these factors, where should an actor go to hone their craft? You should seek out places where your skillset and dreams can be honoured and revered. There are a lot of acting teachers out there, but only a few that are committed to really helping their students grow. Just as an actor must research and investigate a new role, they must do the same in selecting a school or actor's studio. It is imperative that their new place of learning have a reputation in building up actor's confidence and talents. Budding actors also have to be careful not to get too sucked into the school's philosophies and teachings, as it could get in the way of their own personal acting style. While you must be open to everything the school is trying to teach you, you must also hold on to who you are. This balance of individuality and openness is what creates formative theatre artists.

Many may not realize it, but this profession is a purposeful one. Professional actors know that a tremendous amount of preparation is required of them. Actors need to learn how to audition, perform cold readings of a text they've never seen before and how to present themselves on casting calls. They must learn improvisational techniques, movement methods and receive voice and dialect instruction. The blossoming actor must learn how to portray roles for stage, television, film and even commercials, all while recognizing the specific range and talents required for each individual medium. Actors must be willing to begin with basic acting classes and allow themselves to grow and mature into their craft. If necessary, they must be ready to engage in private coaching. The right acting studio balances technical training with in-depth analysis of a text. The Toronto-based actors studio Cindy Tanas prides itself on offering a variety of classes, ranging from intense private coaching to specific scene study analysis to the basics of acting for the camera. (To learn more about Cindy Tanas and her approach to teaching the craft of acting, check out the company's official website.) While acting always necessitates other people (scene partners, directors, casting agents), the right instruction focuses on the individual. No matter what, the training that the actor receives will be the genesis of the roles they play.

Close your eyes and envision what a properly trained actor could accomplish. See the goals and milestones that they will realize. It's all because they decided to seek out the best possible training. It's not wonder that actors are comparable to butterflies. With proper instruction and coaching, they will emerge from their cocoons, ready to spread their wings and soar.

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