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Expensive Stained Glass Artwork Sold At A Private Auction

Stained glass is a stunning art medium that pushes the boundaries of both how we conceptualise art and how artists work to create pieces that impress, invoke and inspire the viewer. With a host of names growing in popularity across the stained glass art world, it should come as no surprise that more and more works are beginning to be sold at private auctions.

In this article, we are going to take a look at one such work, as this expensive stained glass masterpiece was recently sold at a private auction for an astounding $38,000.

Onde Della Terra, Waves of the Earth, by Csilla Soós

First, a look at the artist:

Csilla Soós is a Europen artist that has been working in the stained glass niche for more than 25 years. Her work is popular mainly in Central Europe, but her expertise and reputation for creating stunning masterpieces of all sizes has reached almost all European countries. She even has received an apostolic blessing from Pope Francis for her creations, as she has completed stained glass windows for over 30 churches. She has a studio in California and one to come in Florida this year (2022), where she aims to focus her efforts for the next few years.

The artwork:

Onde Della Terra. Known as Waves of the Earth in English, is an expertly crafted, intricate piece of stained glass art that has captured the interest of a host of art aficionados. With so much hype surrounding the piece, Csilla made the decision to put it up for private auction where it could get the attention it deserved. She made the right call, as it sold for an amazing $38,000, cementing Csilla’s influence in the industry as an artist to take seriously.

Csilla must be extremely proud, as Onde Della Terra is one of her favourite works to date. With a passion for natural materials and the world around us, she wanted to create a wavy design that incorporated filigree to show the ebb and flow of the environment and portray how the elements need to be in harmony for a beautiful Earth. With over thirty pieces of coloured glass dramatizing aspects of water, air, earth and fire throughout the creation, viewers can see the collective cavalcade that forms our lives.

Stained glass art is certainly a sight to behold – and this piece manages to be both soft and playful, while retaining a strong and powerful message that provokes thought and a sense of tranquillity.

The specs:

At 90 x 130 cm tall (a total of 1.17 m2) and weighing nearly 25 pounds (12+ kilograms), you’ll be surprised at how big this masterpiece actually is. It really is a behemoth fitting of its auctioned value.

Where to find Csilla Soós:

If you’d like to view Waves Of The Earth, or any of Csilla’s other fantastic works, you can visit her website right here: There is a saying in the stained glass art world – if Csilla can’t do it for you, it simply can’t be done, so don’t hesitate to click through and take a look for yourself at the marvel of professionally forged stained glass art.

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