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6 Ideas to Spend the Upcoming Friendship Day

FriendshipFriendship day is a special day for all friends across the world. Although a single day is never enough to express your love and gratitude to your friends, it’s nonetheless fun to have one. We all wait for that Sunday of August when we can tie friendship bands on our friends’ wrists. Do you feel that you have already outgrown that age? Isn’t there anymore excitement about tying friendship bands? Well, never mind! There are definitely other ways to celebrate the day! You can give various other gifts to your friends. Are you unsure about how to spend the upcoming friendship day? Have you been shifting from one idea to another to look for a proper gift? Here are some easy ideas to surprise your friend with on that special day.

  1. Make a scrap book

Remember all those colourful scrap books from your childhood? You’re never too old to make one more. Buy an empty scrap book and fill up the pages with beautiful quotes, poems, cuttings and photographs. Make it as colourful as possible! Add extra warmth and love to all your pages. You need quite some time to fill up the whole book. Therefore, it’s good to start long before the day. It’s surely going to surprise your friend!

  1. Make a song dedication

Have you ever called up those late night radio jockeys? They take in wonderful messages and dedications apart from solving interesting love problems! Why don’t you call them up? Sometimes it can be a little difficult to get connected to them but you never know, you might just get lucky! Keep trying. Send a beautiful message to your friend on air and dedicate a song as well. Don’t forget to ask your friend to stay tuned!

  1. Video-Memories

If you are away from your friend or if she is in a different city, you can always make a video using those apps easily available these days. Collect all the memorable photos that you have shared together. Bring out the funniest moments photos or the ones clicked randomly. They are the best ones! Place them one after the other. Add a soft tune or some good music alongside that would be played simultaneously with the moving pictures. Add a line or two describing the pictures below them. Remember not to overcrowd the photos with flowery captions or ornamental language. That will give it a very artificial look! Let the words flow from your heart. You can either drop the video in your friend’s e-mail box or post it on her Facebook wall!

  1. Send a book

What can be a better gift than a book? Get hold of the new Booker Prize winner copy or a classic tale that you have always wanted her to read. Pack it with colourful wrappers and write a letter, fold it and keep it inside the book. If your friend is not much into reading, you can gift him/her the most favourite music collection or a film collection DVDS. You can also prepare something at your home, something really creative to present her as a gift.

  1. Yummy food!

Who says a girl cannot take out another girl for a lunch? Yes, exactly what I want you to do. It’s going to work magic if your best friend is a foodie! You book a restaurant and specially order what your friend loves to eat. Ask him/her to reach that spot at so and so time. Take her/him inside and surprise her with all the arrangements that you have made so far! After a yummy lunch or dinner, why not go out on a movie date?

  1. Roam around the city

Have you been to all the corners of your city? Haven’t you ever thought of exploring the unknown places? This is the time then! You have a companion too! Yes, your friend! Go out together and bump into all exotic areas to have different adventures. Click loads of photos to save the memories! Visit your nearby vintage photo booth to get awesome effects to your clicked photos!

Now that you have some ideas in your hand, why not start working on it? Less than a month to go and so much to prepare! Hurry up, dude!


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