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Smoke Vents – How it Helps to Keep the Building Safe?

Sometimes, minor unexpected events can be proven as dangerous as major ones, for instance, large scale fire. When it happens, it completely changes the look and feel of a place and transforms it into a scary place – a place where people feel unsafe!

Thanks to the fire safety methods – which are specially designed to provide maximum fire safety to the major buildings and protect them from the high fire risk. One of the major resources of fire safety designs is smoke events. The smoke events stop smoke and safeguard the large offices and industrial buildings in case of a large scale fire breaking out.


Here we will discuss about smoke vents in detail, like how they work? Why it is considered as one of the important choice for large scale buildings and how it keeps the people safe. Let’s go:

How do smoke vent work?

Smoke vents are made of high quality materials, which stop the smoke in the event of a fire. It can be operated in various ways, depending upon the type of vent you’ve chosen.

Exterior manual release vents feature an exterior handle, which when pulled once; allow the smoke to get out of the building. Once it is opened, both the door gets open to take the smoke out, thus ensures its safety. Several smoke vents are equipped with interior fusible link as well. This works quite similar to fuses found on electric circuits – when comes in touch with the excessive temperature, burns the smoke and hence, safeguard the space.

How smoke vents keep you safe?

  • Smoke vents play a vital role in safeguarding the large scale buildings – especially which contains a huge amount of flammable materials. When installed properly, smoke vents provide protection to your building and helps to save the life of hundreds of people.
  • It has been noticed that millions of people are declared dead due to the smoke inhalation rather than coming in touch with fire events. Best in class smoking vents keep the excessive amount of smoke outside the building and hence, save the life of humans.
  • Smoke vents also improve the visibility in case of the fire, allowing people to find the exit door easily. This is highly advantageous for firefighters and other people who enter the building to stop the fire.
  • Last but not the least; it also helps firefighters to locate the origin of fire.

Smoke vents should not be considered as an option – They’re a must have resource that every large building should invest in, to safeguard their place.

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