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Simple Eco-Friendly Methods for Cleaning Your Home

Eco-Friendly CleaningSpring has finally sprung and we’re well on our way into summer. But the chances are that there’s going to be one point during the next month or so when you’re on your hands and knees scrubbing.

Cleaning the home isn’t the most fun in the world, but it’s a necessary issue that can be made far more pleasant if you use the right products and ideas. Pressing the button for non-toxic products that aren’t brimming full of chemicals will ensure that you’re not left with a headache every time you think about cleaning house.

And if you have a pet, you may be able to avoid a serious vet bill!

Keep Odors Out and Fresh Air In

The first tip to try when you’re trying to clean out your home in an eco-friendly way, is as simple as leaving a few windows open and placing some fans strategically around different spaces. Placing a fan towards your window, (facing outwards) can do amazing things for the quality of air that you get, making your home smell just as fresh as the indoors.

Carpet Cleaning

The issue with carpet cleaning is that usually you won’t be able to simply put a few household ingredients like lemon and vinegar together into a bowl and expect to see the results that you want. Depending on how long you’ve left it since your last clean, dust and dirt could have sank deep into the fibers of your carpet, meaning you have some serious scrubbing to do. Fortunately, green carpet cleaning can make your life easier by using natural ingredients to eat away at the grime that’s clinging to your floor.

Recycle the Things You No Longer Need

There are bits and pieces around your house that you may need to spend a little extra money on―but when it comes to rags for cleaning, you should be able to spend as little as possible. Take a second to search through your drawers and cabinets for those old, scratchy towels that aren’t fit for use after the shower anymore. How about some of those t-shirts you do not wear anymore?

These otherwise useless pieces of material could give you a dozen free rags for cleaning up your home - just cut them into squares and voila. What’s more, this method is eco-friendly, as you don’t have to worry about the impact on the planet that things such as paper towels can have. You just saved a few dollars as well!

Polish Up Old Wood with Olive Oil

Make up half a cup of lemon juice and throw in a teaspoon of olive oil for a gentle non-toxic polishing agent capable of bringing a brand new shine to your wooden surfaces and removing dust at the same time. Free of waves and petroleum, you can rest assured that this mixture won’t simply build up to a gunky, dull finish over time, meaning that you can benefit from longer-lasting results.

Lime and Salt to Remove Rust

Rust is a pain in anyone’s household - not only is it difficult to scrub away, but it can totally destroy the overall effect of your household décor. Most rust cleaners from commercial companies are incredibly toxic, making them a bad choice for use within kitchens and bathrooms. Instead, try slathering a paste of lime juice and salt onto the rusty area than leave it for a few hours.

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