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Show Your Prospects (and Your Accountant) Some Love

Make-PartnershipsThe math is simple: the happier your clients are, the more clients you'll have, the more money you'll make. When it comes right down to it, the world's greatest businessman would be nothing without clients. It is imperative to good business to create and maintain good relationships with your prospects, and this post will help you do just that without upsetting your accountant with an outstanding bill!

To Impress.

When it comes to acquiring new valuable prospects, a classy, upscale dinner is the way to go. Treat your potential clients to a meal in an environment that matches the professional and exquisite service your business has to offer.

This is where expenses can become a bit costly, and rightfully so, if your goal is to leave a lasting impression. Cut the cost of your bill by taking advantage of the generous discount codes that Groupon Pages has to offer. By using Groupon Pages, you can locate a handful of restaurants local to you, pick a choice that fits the desired message of your meeting, and download a coupon code that will make your accountant jump for joy.

Take this page for Sullivan's Steakhouse, for example: A lavish establishment that offers private dining and decadent dishes in the heart of Seattle, WA. Download a deal, arrive early to present your code to the server before your clients arrive, and treat them to an impressive meal at an impressive price.

Making Amends.

If your goal is to make amends with a former or current client that is dissatisfied with your company, show them you care by taking time right out of your busy day to hear them out over a scrumptious meal. Call them up, let them know you'd love to take them to lunch, and let them set the time. Your client (former or otherwise) is sure to notice and appreciate the attention you're willing to give them in the middle of a workday.

Keep the lunch low-cost by opting for a casual setting that will also prove to be a friendly, comfortable, and personable environment. Do you have a favorite old-fashioned burger joint? Invite them to share the experience with you. Don't be afraid to offer a relatable glimpse at your personal life by expressing why those strawberry shakes are a family tradition.


Nothing says, I appreciate you, like a stack of blueberry pancakes beside a steaming cup of coffee. Treat your loyal clients to a pleasant breakfast and be the person that started their day with a sweet meal and a smile.

Breakfast joints make for a great way to save on meal expenses as most offer a wide variety of dishes that you can personalize to your taste, as well as your budget. Assemble a few sides to make a cheaper meal, or keep it light and stick to coffee and a pastry!

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