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Secrets of Low-Fat Baking

rfrf2Low-fat baking is not an oxymoron and no, it is not a typing error. Believe it or not. Reducing saturated fats in your diet does not mean you have to deprive yourself of all the foods that you’ve loved. You can still indulge in delicious brownies and even dunk them in a glass of milk while consuming non-saturated fats. How is this possible? By making replacements and making brownies with an egg-free alternative and switching cows’ milk for almonds milk, you can enjoy the same food and still do your body a favor by reducing or eliminating saturated fats.

Baking Without Eggs

People of had to find egg replacements long before they realized that eggs contained cholesterol and saturated fats and were unhealthy consumed in high doses. This was an era that maxed out on eggs, and it was likely that Harriet fed Ozzie plenty of omelets, poached eggs, and sunny side up eggs on toast to keep up his strength for a long day at the office. In the 1980s, people were shocked to discover that their beloved breakfast of eggs, sausage and buttered toast could be referred to as a heart attack on a plate. Doctors recommended only three eggs per week and less for people with suffered heart attacks or had a history of heart problems.
This ushered in the era of egg replacements and the consumption of egg whites which involved throwing the yolks in the wastebasket. Not only did this involve a waste of food, but the egg whites, although delicious and cholesterol free, lack the rich flavor and fat contained in the yoke. Using only the white for baking may be a preferable alternative to traditional egg replacements such as applesauce, mashed banana and extra oil. However, the yoke flavor is still missing if you use only the whites. Fortunately, there are replacement products on the market that mimic the flavor of the entire egg while eliminating the saturated fat. These a replacements can be successfully used in baking without anyone realizing their delicious cookies are egg free.

Dairy to Be Different

The sheer number of nut milks on the market is amazing to people who remember having to drive out of their way to the health food store for a carton of soya milk. Now you not only find soy milk in the aisles of your regular supermarket, but also almond, rice, and hazelnut milk. One wonders what will be next. Of course, these milk replacements are not real milk, since actual milk can only be given by mother mammals, but they are called milk because of their flavorful resemblance to conventional milk. Many of these can be used in baking, but they add a distinctive flavor. One of the best replacements for milk in baking is rice milk which contains no unique fragrance or taste.

Make it Ahead

You need not give up the convenience of mixes when you eliminate eggs and dairy from your baking because Hamptoncreek has come up with mixes and doughs suitable for the vegan kitchen. Try Hampton Creek’s Just Cookies mix or dough to create chocolate chip cookies that are gooey and yummy as those you remember from childhood. Just Brownies can be dunked into a glass of almond milk if you feel like feeding healthy food to your inner child. You can eat the cookie dough right out of the wrapper if it is from Hampton Creek because the ready-made dough contains no eggs and is safe for consumption in its raw state. In addition, it keeps well in the refrigerator longer than regular cookie dough and can be baked or eaten on its own for quick succulent snack.

You Can Bake It if You Try

The main obstacle in dieting is dieting itself. What is required for a healthier lifestyle are permanent changes and new choices. It is easy to become overzealous when approaching a diet because many people consider weight reduction or improvements in health when they are quite literally fed up with unhealthy habits. It is best to ditch the word “diet,” which connotes short-term radical measures that tend to reverse themselves, and to be patient with yourself and making replacements that can lead to healthy changes.

Go gradually into your plant-based diet by replacing eggs and milk in your baking with healthy alternatives, and you and your children might hardly notice the difference. Ditch the notion that healthy eating means deprivation and enjoy a batch of vegan cookies or brownies.

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