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Quality Printed Bed Sheets for the Perfect Use

sheetsDrifting off to sleep requires clean, fresh and perfect layers. Ensure on the look that may appear cozy, comfortable, and restful next to your mattress. With different options, the layers come up with a varied array of weaving, finishes and thread counts. Start accessing your needs to prioritize with the difference in appeal, feel, durability and wrinkle resistance over your mattress.

List of bed sheet types:

Microfiber layers:

  • Man-made, durable, soft finish option
  • Rest easy with the ability to repel dust mites
  • Keeps you cool and dry while you sleep

Micro fleece layers:

  • Not as comfortable as microfiber in warm weather
  • Lightweight, thicker and warmer
  • Made from 100% polyester

Jersey layers:

  • Become softer and more comfortable
  • Keeps you cool on warm nights and warm on cool nights

Flannel layers:

  • Cuddle up under the cozy, soft flannel or fleece layers
  • Have anti-pill properties with the risk of shrinking
  • Act as insulators to stay warm and save energy bills
  • Cotton woven fabric, gives a nice soft and cozy feel

Egyptian cotton layers:

  • Washed and combed with high alternative to blend sheets
  • Provides low maintenance
  • Adds softness, breathability and luster for a comfortable sleep

Satin layers:

  • Tends to become rough and dull after use with washing
  • Thin, smooth texture, shiny finish
  • Soft and delicate

Cotton-polyester blends layers:

  • Wrinkle resistant, durable and easy to care, comfort

A Few tips to remember

  • The higher the thread count, more the quality bedding
  • Wear out faster than the layers
  • Look for breathable fabrics to stay cool
  • Obtain a deep pocket piece for a better fit
  • Measure the mattress depth to offer the best fit and performance


Thread count:

  • The sheets vary in thread count, 200 seems to be a better quality count
  • Up to 400 increases the noticeable quality

Fabric finishing:

  • Treated with chemicals to prevent from shrinkage, wrinkling or losing
  • Minimize fabric shrinkage
  • Increase luster and strength
  • Absorb rich colors more easily

Colors and patterns:

  • Feel stiff, colored or patterned sheets that softens over time
  • Purchase yarn-dyed layers for a softer finish


  • Give your sheets with a more textured feel in patterns
  • Affect the feel, longevity and price
  • Feels soft, cool, sturdy, affordable and luxurious look
  • Less durable than percale


  • Fit on with the standard size for a longer format mattresses
  • Look for more elastic edging, snug and attractive fit
  • Makes a more comfortable fit


  • Wear out quickly on the sheets that requires to find the correct style
  • Available in standard, queen and king size

Care Guidelines

  • Wash the sheets separately from towels or other clothing
  • When the cycle is over, fold with smooth wrinkles with your hands. Toss and mix the moisture to damage the fibers.
  • Reduce the amount of pilling to prevent any damage caused by zippers and other fasteners
  • Pretreat the stains
  • To brighten the white sheets, add 1/4th cup of lemon juice to the wash water. Then pour a mild detergent into it.
  • Removes the sheets to wash cycle in a cool place to reduce wrinkles. Dry the clothes to the dryer to minimize the damage from high temperature

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