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Push your Photography Business to a Higher Level! It’s All About Your Website!

macro-extension-tubes-466256_960_720Photography is a seriously creative business, one which, if you know how to work it properly, can certainly make you a good quality revenue. Of course, like anything in life, this takes time and effort, and you also need to know the best marketing methods to create interest and profit.

These days everything is done via the online world, and your photography business really needs to take advantage of that area, in order to make cold, hard, cash.

We are of course talking about your website.

If you think that your company website is just an information giving tool, you’re very wrong; your website can drive business, attract further customers, keep current customers, it can act as a shopping portal, and it can also answer specific questions which your customers may have.

If you need further prods in the right direction, here are ten ways how your website can push your photography business to the next level.

  • Make sure your business card has your website address clearly printed on it – People are much more likely to head online these days than they are to pick up the telephone. If you give them the information they need, they are also more likely to look at your site in the first place.
  • An online presence gives you instant credibility – Your business instantly looks the part, because you have a strong online presence, and this is what you need in today’s cutthroat business world. You won’t need telling just how competitive the photography business is, so any step ahead is a must do.
  • You can show your work to countless more people – Your website will basically be your online portfolio of work, and you can show this to countless more potential customers than you would have otherwise reached. These people may never have seen your work if you hadn’t showcased it on your website.
  • Your website can help you target the right customers for your particular area of expertise – Are you a wildlife photographer? An outdoors photographer? A wedding photographer? By being specific, you will find that the right customers come to you, those who are wanting your specific skills. This is all thanks to search engine optimisation (SEO), which informs search engines what your site is about, and then sends the right people to you.
  • You can add personality and personalise your website to your business – You don’t have to make your website generic, you can add personality and a little something that only your business has. This means you are more likely to gain interest.
  • Once someone visits your site, the content will hopefully persuade them to hire you/made a purchase – The initial attraction is slightly in your hands, but slightly not; the rest of it? Totally in your hands! You can tailor the content on your site to wow your potential customers.
  • You can make sales whatever the time of day – Online sales are fantastic because you don’t actually even have to be awake to partake in the sale if it’s done on your website! This means that those even outside of your time zone are able to do business with you.
  • Your website basically makes the world smaller – If you work your website correctly, and keep it updated and working seamlessly, the world will become much smaller in terms of reaching out to a much larger audience.
  • You will keep your customers happier – Customers who know exactly what is going on with their order/service, and those who know what they are getting from a particular company, are much happier. Happy customers are good!
  • Advertising at half the price! – Your website is the biggest advert for your sales that you have, or are ever likely to have, so if you put in the work and really optimise your landing pages and information, you can market your services much easier, and much cheaper as a result.

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